Sony shows off their revolutionary new PS3 controller at E3!



It’s got no wires, see?


Hehe, to me it looks more like a robot dog. :iagree:


what the usb plug for…(in case its a joke, i missed it as I dont have a playstation)


for the wire from the playstation of course lol


ah so it was a joke, alright then :bigsmile:


No, its no joke. It’s the official Sony PS3 controller. It’s exactly the same as the old one, save there’s no cord. The plug is most likely for
A) charging (although there’s no rumble this time, thanks to the lawsuit, so less energy needed)
B) attaching a cord (duuh)
C) somewhere to stick your ipod (ipod-users stick it everywhere they think it fits)
D) dirty deeds done with sheep

And it’s Bluetooth and it’s got a gyro, which they stealed from Weeeeeeee. Of course, it’s not as funky as the original.
If you still dont believe me, click the below link. See, it’s got [B]porn[/B] in the url.


What? No rumble feature? That sucks. I hope someone make a aftermarket controller for this.


yeah, no rumble sucks really, really, REALLY bad :frowning:


i bet S_S will be missing that too :bigsmile:


Guess Sony isnt in the mood to pay Immersion for the rumble as the money will make it’s way into the pockets of Microsoft. :smiley:
Quick rundown: Immersion sues Sony and MS. MS solves problem by buying into Immersion.
Sony solves problem by loosing court twice. Sony decides it’s fubar.


Sony is making a fool of itself.A pity…