Sony shows 0,3mm thin 11" OLED screens



I just posted the article Sony shows 0,3mm thin 11" OLED screens.

Some of you might already heard about the future of TV screens, OLED. OLED is the abbrevation of organic light-emitting diode and has some big advantages over LCD/Plasma screens. OLED screens do not…

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Slip one under my door please. :S


Mitsubishi’s LaserVue will be on the market Q3 2008. Let’s see what SONY gonna come up with.


Is OLED as good picture quality as LCD/Plasma? Anyone already seen it?


I have , IT blows away any thing by comparison, it almost looks 3-d. the colors are so true and the edges are extremly crisp.yes it’s as thin as 4 dvd discs stacked one on the other( with out the cases), But at $2000 or there abouts for a 11" screen, I’ll wait for the prices to come down alittle first.