Sony ships new popularly priced blu-ray disc player (Press Release)

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Sony began shipping its new Blu-ray Disc™ (BD) player, BDP-S300, to major consumer electronics retailers and specialty dealers nationwide for a list price of $499.The new model can output 1920…

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$499 is getting closer to reasonable but still too far away for most people to justify spending. $299 I think would be the massive sweet spot at which the players would really take off. It looks like blu-ray for the masses is still a few months off.

Who cares , for without the software to drive the sales upwards , just another ornament for the home media centre! But with less then 0.001% of the market captured , still a long way to go! Sadly , looks like SONY still have some unsold initial launch stocks gathering dust in the warehouse, and appears to be a clearance sale of some description! Buying generation one units , is never a good idea at the best of times! Question , will these old obsolete units have the correct factory firmware updates to play the new updated Pirate Movie Disc’s? :B

Is it HD region free or locked?? Locked I suspect if Sonys gotten anything to do with it…

Any Blu-Ray movie that is one year old from the initial theatrical release must be manufactured region free.