Sony ships dual-layer 50GB recordable Blu-ray discs to U.S

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 Just  three months ago, Blu-ray writers finally launched in the US market with the Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray  writer,   however it did not take long after that for a  few others to...
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sony has no brain… dvd movie = £12 ish dvd +r dl = £1.60 ish (10x cheaper than retail movie) blue-ray movie = £20 ish blue-ray+dl = £30 ish (1.5x more EXPENSIVE than retail movie. i dont think people would be too bothered if 50gb discs were £10, but £30 is just stupid, probably costs them £0.50

Hold on a second now… Dont forget that DL discs cost $20 each when they were first released. A 3 pack of Verbatim DVD+R DLs used to cost $60. The prices are currently much, much lower. Eventually the price of Blu Ray media will fall…

It would be interesting to find out if the “Accucore” technology Sony touts as so special will actually do the things it claims with these disks, as writing quality with Sony “Accucore”-rebadged Taiyo Yuden media (Yuden000t02-00) wasn’t nearly as good as the Fuji-rebaged same mid. Generally, the Sony-rebadge also tended to have have higher jitter and some kind of “lower quality” readings from the 0-1.5 gb point on that SL media. Add to this the fact Sony’s Lithium-ion batteries had contaminants in them, leading to the Dell recall and the US Consumer Protection Agency finding that Sony “had poor QA,” I do not know what to think about Sony’s claims about “Accucore,” nor about how well this will truly perform. Time will tell, and I’m sure once the Blu-ray gets to < $100 for a burner, and the media is closer to the price of current Lightscribe media or DL media, then I’m sure CDFreaks will thoroughly test if Sony is as good as it claims it will be.

You could buy a larger capacity internal or external HDD for the price of a couple of those disks! Talking about a rip-off! I just don’t know where these idiots come up with a price.

Sony’s trying to recoup some of its R&D money on Blunt-ray development by pricing this media higher to start with. Economies of scale should see these discs fall in price but whether people buy them is another matter.

Economies of scale work only if there’s high demand of a product or if you can make more than one product using the same facilities cutting down the production costs or making more profits from higher sales. Having a lot of companies that produce the same products also help… This is not really the case of DB media so I foresee a very very slow drop down in price for single and, expecially, DL BD discs, worse than what everyone can see for DVD+R DL discs that have a higher demand, are available since 2003, are cheaper to make but still have a high price. And for economies of scale whethever people start buying BD discs does matter!
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as said a million times b4 boycott shitray bring em to their knees as everyone forgot about the root kit and the hassle it caused ??? payback’s a Bitch aint it

It may not be the price or even the threat of past/future root kits that stops people from buying these discs. It’s all about marketing! This is something Sony is terrible at. For instance, I think that I would buy a piece of this media, if Sony would just throw in a free Pirate Bay T-shirt as a bundle deal. :+

Good suggestion. And if they can’t swing the Pirate Bay t-shirts, how about some of Sony batteries for notebooks? :d:d

Man everyone has some seriously built up anomosity toward Sony. I say just be patient and let everything run its course. This site is full of smart people that know the market. Prices are always high early to recover R&D like someone said earlier. They are destined to drop so be patient and let things run their natural course. Be pleased that they got the 50 GBs out in the first year.

Well-deserved animosity, I’d say.:B

I can’t speak intelligently about Sony’s marketing, but I’ve seen with good companies and good products that the marketing will pretty much take care of itself. Sony has not done itself any favors with knowingly cutting corners on manufacturing those notebook batteries now recalled–and they went ahead full steam for 2 years–until someone finally caught them with their pants down. Sony SL DVD media scans (that I’ve seen tons of) have been only ‘ok’ in 90% of cases I’ve seen, but should have been much better, whereas smaller, relatively no-name MBIPG101-R04 (Moser Baer India) was handily beating Sony in quality. Sony’s track record to date is pretty clear: Sony’s attitude is “if we just put the Sony name on it, it’s special by default and people will want it.” This explains the relative lack of advertising, and the lax Q/A at Sony. To be fair, Sony used to be a pretty good brand, and it made its money while it did things better, in a more quality fashion. However, I am constrained to liken Sony’s approach to Plextor, which manufactured a lot of 712s and 716s that were defective, and with incredibly high RMAs inside CDFreaks. Both companies thought they could “coast” on their past reputations, and there also had to have been a major management change to explain such high quality stuff going to such lackluster performance in just a few years. To the point the technology is out there, I say that’s fine and dandy. To the point it is Sony with their hands on it, I say buyer beware…

I’m personally waiting for an american manufacturer to start retailing a “red white & blu ray” drive, just think of it, 50 GB’s of storage on just one FUESD (Fxxked Up Eagle Shaped Disc) for only $399. It’s an evolution of patriotism and techonolgy. I’m just trying to say no matter how hard you hype a new product, tried and trusted products aren’t always just better, they’re also EXTREMELY CHEAPER. Can’t wait till dual layer DVD+R gets dirt cheap (cheaper than current single layer, blu ray and hddvd will have an even tougher time being adopted when single layer becomes obsolete. i’ve been at work all day, of course this post makes no sense.

nothing new here. sony is really good at creating hypes out of nothing here are few examples 1. cybershot’s carl zeiss lens; most carl zeiss lens sony sells are NOT made nor designed by carls zeiss; what sony saying is that carl zeiss did the coating job…NOT necessarily the famous carl zeiss coating 2. (nowdays sony is using…which is ieee1394a (without power lines to the devices & sony was telling none tech oriented people like sony developed super cool things 3. advanced liquid cooling for vaio desktop pc…i thought sony was using water-cooling system, but what they used is just simple heat-piped heatsink…i thought it was a big deal, but it was not & it was not as quiet as sony wanted me (maybe others, too) to believe

it will come down, but i don’t think the price will be competive with hdd in terms of cost effectiveness bd requires far more complex processing & expensive chemicals to make than dvd. the license fee is much higher, too. i don’t think bd-r (25gbytes) disks will not come down less than 5usd anytime soon even dvd+r dl is still around 2.50usd/disk at bestbuy in 20disk unit. still verbatim mkm00x is the only disk that works well enough. all those crappy dvd medias at the retail stores are still 0.30usd/disk when they are on sale