Sony sets price for Blu-ray movie discs-two tier system

I just posted the article Sony sets price for Blu-ray movie discs-two tier system.

Hypnosis4U2NV used our news submit to tell us “They set the price for
the discs, but what about the players?”
Good question! Also, will the new fangled discs
even be able to display…

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sounds pretty good although are these the prices for all retailers or is Best Buy/Circuit City/ Walmart going to have a lower price? If so then it seems like we are probably looking at 30 bucks a disc for new releases and 20-25 for older stuff. Aint to bad for a new format. Would like to see HD-DVD under cut it

What came first the chicken or the egg? Hmm, the launch prices mean sales are going to be sluggish, in todays tight economy,price also gives no incentive, for the consumer to upgrade his/her home media set up yet! Oh well, looks like an all or nothing gambleon this product!:r

with price like 1,000 bucks for the player you can’t really expect the media to be propesitioned for the averge joe wealth. It’s an item that is more geared towards the upper class consumer who can spend 1,000 bucks on a dvd player for his home theater room. As the article said above these are the same prices as dvd came out with and if you consider inflation that means they are actually cheaper then what dvd started at. It’s just the same cycle all over again.

In the sixties we used to say “What if they had a war and nobody came”? My feeling re Blu-Ray and HDDVD is “What if they had a format war and nobody cared”?

Average Joe has no reason to use BluRay or HD-DVD as his 25" TV can’t even take full advantage of DVD. Nor does he want to pay $1,000 for a new TV, let along $1,000 for a player. Every technology is expensive at first but I don’t expect “better than DVD” to interest the public for many many many years. The only interest I have in BluRay/HD-DVD is purely for PC backup & burning.

yawn…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz eh what ??? oh holographic great the partie as started geez blu crap ,hi dope didnt last long then eh?

I am the type of consumer they are targeting. I have a home theater with a HD-Ready projector and a 110-inch screen. I would gladly pay the $1,000.00 for the player to be able to watch movies in high definition. But the same companies that want people like me to adopt the new format have made it impossible for me to do so. My HD-Ready projector has analog high definition inputs. The Blu-ray players’ analog outputs will be down rezzed to 480p. This means my HD-Ready projector 'is not fine". I refuse to support a new format that requires me to buy a new projector to realize the improved picture. Anybody who does want to support this format should make sure his or her TV or Projector is fully HDMI-HDCP compliant. Contrary to the article quoted above, HD-Ready does not mean it is HDMI-HDCP compliant. HD-Ready just means the TV or Projector can reproduce a high definition picture provided by an external high definition tuner. Even if your TV or Projector is HDMI-HDCP compliant I suggest you buy the player from the same manufacturer that made the TV or Projector and make sure the manufacturer has certified it will work properly with your TV or Projector. There have already been plenty of documented problems with HDMI-HDCP compliant devices from different manufactures not working with each other. The article is correct in that 99% of all TV’s and Projectors purchased before September of 2005 are not completely compliant. Buyer Beware!

Nobody hs made it clear if HDMI-HDCP compliant is required by the format or the copyright protection. If it is just the last one, it means that you can buy a HDDV camera and see your pieces of art according to HD quality. If it is the first one (format requirement) it will mean that you will to buy a lot of hardware, just to defend copyrights you have nothing to do with, or your costly HD camera will be useless…and you will have problems even if you want to use a BR/HD drive to backup your PC data… Wonderful world!!! I was “forced” to buy a new PC screen a few months ago - a good 19" TFT with 1 DVI and 2 RGB connections - will it make sense if someone decides I have to get ride of it and buy a new one, for its own protection? And the same goes for TV and home stuff. So, besides image quality being great…let them fight and wait.

In short to medium terms, I am quite satisfied with the spatial FSAA of DVD on big screens. :slight_smile: :wink:

And i am not sure even in long term, when panels are laready sky-rocketed with their physical resolutions :))