Sony sets price for Blu-ray Discs

Interesting read.

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The player prices are more counting here, I think.

These are โ€œloss-leadingโ€ prices, intended to get people to buy the hardware and also compete with HD-DVD prices. The marketplace will eventually set prices, and donโ€™t be surprised if they go up later. It all depends on demand and supply.

Blue-ray is all about selling manufacturing and consumer hardware, nothing else.

Still to expensive. Alternative sources are going to have a field day with this, not even including the equipment prices. The days of the $30 + movies are long gone. :iagree:

We have the power, donโ€™t support it.

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Basicly hold out until they adjust the price accordingly, we as a consumer can influence price.

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We have to see - we have to know.