Sony says "HD DVD is Dead", Toshiba Retaliates

I just posted the article Sony says “HD DVD is Dead”, Toshiba Retaliates..

Well, I don’t know if this is actually worth another news story. I mean, when the HD-DVD people start blasting the Blu-ray people, that is really old news. Like my Kindergarteners would…

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Well considering Sony is driving the market for its Sony PS3 being sold at cost, it is no wonder that Bluray has a lead if you included those units sold. But the big question is, “Will Sony be able to recoup the lost revenue?” They gambled with the PS2 and it came out positive for them but maybe they won’t be so lucky this time. If you just count game console sales, I believe that the Nintendo Wii, with inferior graphics I might add, is outselling PS3 and the XBOX 360. Last time I checked, it was out selling them combined. So, Nintendo might be in contention to win back their crown. If not now, by the release of their next console system. I think people are seeing an innovative console compared to something that has better graphics but nothing really else to offer. By the way, I can’t access the site with that link you included.

Sony says way to many things than aren’t true :slight_smile:

maybe it’s just all about getting publicity???

To me both PS3 and XBox360 are just too damn big and loud. I don’t want a console/movie player the size of a coffee table. Nintendo looks sweet. But I’ll stick to my Slim PS2 for a while.

Since the PS3 is a reasonably cheap Blu-Ray player how does the HD-DVD mouthpiece knows if some people are purchasing the PS3 to serve as a Blu-Ray player or not? He just says they sold 200,000 standalone players and that the PS3 numbers should not be counted. Bah, stupid reasoning. Over here, the PS3 will launch in a few days and the ads are, quite clearly, touting it as the cheapest Blu-Ray player (which over here it is and by a large margin; no HD-DVD players on sight) and placing Blu-Ray movies near the PS3. The HD-DVD camp would probably like to have a trojan horse, like the PS3 but, unfortunately for them, that is not the case. Tough luck! :d I do agree that it is far from clear if any of these formats will be the victor, but it’s looks like that, if there’ll be a winner, it will not be HD-DVD.

Far from clear? Lets see, every movie I want is backed by Blu-ray movie companies, whether it is out yet or not, and I can burn 50GB today on a single disc, 100GB next year, and 200GB years after that… The war is over to me. Can’t even burn 30GB on HD DVD, limited to 15GB @ 1X… lame-o! :S

Last I checked Blu-Ray burners were only single layer burners with no dual layer burning on the horizon. Heck, don’t forget Sony had some trouble/production quality issues getting pre-recorded dual layer discs early on. I think that Toshiba dropped the ball on not getting HD-DVD burning going early on. That being said, we’ll see if the disc burning ends up being a real factor…

Blu-Ray burners do support BD-RDL recording, but only the Panasonic and Lite-On models so far. Pioneer and LG have not supported it yet, and no word on what Samsung’s new 4x model will do.

The camp with the first $199 decent standalone WINS ! All else is just hot air. :B

@Guest (guest): Well, I guess that means that HD VMD has won with a $175 player: Seriously, HD DVD will lose for the same reason that HD VMD will lose. A serious lack of content. What good is a player that only player ~25-30% of movies? Would you buy a Beta player if someone gave you a killer deal on it? Of course not! So why would you buy an HD DVD player?

well blueray wins the day and as for the xbox360 i had oneand untill a few days ago was working fine ( although noisy) then all of a sudden the console froze so i rebooted it and the cd drive made a grating noiseand wouldnt stay closed anyway back on topic… I now have a ps3 and must say im pleased with it as its quiet and fast aswell as built in wifi plus the bluray player at a fairly low price :d i would say the ps3 was a better deal allalong :X :X