Sony rw dw-u 18a question

hello, can someone help me find the max burn speed for dvd-r and dvd+r it can do? oh and the best burn speed to use on it?

Welcome to the forum.

This is an 8x burner so that’s the max burn speed for both -R & +R .

However, the max it’ll burn at depends on the particular media you use and the firmware version installed.

I’d suggest that 8x for any 8x or 16x media should be fine.

thanks for the reply!!! btw is is true that its better to burn at half speed of the disk? like burn at 6x for 1x-12x disk

Well this a subject that can create much discussion but personally I burn media rated upto 8x at it’s rated speed and 16x media at 12x & I’m very happy with my results.
Many others here will do the same with maybe dropping 16x media down to 8x for the very best result on important stuff but I don’t find that necessary.

With an 8x burner I’d just burn everything at 8x except for 4x media obviously.

The real key is to use quality media in the first place like Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden. Buying cheap isn’t worth it in the long run.

That is an old myth and even doesn’t count for dvd media.
e.g. 8x rated dvd media is optimized to be burnt at 8x etc. etc.