SONY RW DW-Q28A ?Firmware?


  Is there firmware for this burner?  Is that what I need?  They say there is no drivers for this...therefor, do I need firmware?  This NEW burner is peeing me off.  Roxio does't see it, Nero doesn't finish a burn, DVDXCopy doesn't see the media after ripping a movie......HELP ME PLEASE!!!! :sad:

SONY DW-Q28A = SONY DRU-800A =LiteOn SOHW-1693S
You must backup the firmware before flash the other firmware.
You can use “LtnFW” to backup the firmware.

after that, you can download the firmware patched by CodeKing

Do you Know what type of firmware I have to download?, What´s the one who works better?

One from here:

So i can flash the Q28A using the original 800A firmware?

or even LiteOn SOHW-1693S FW

I’ve crossflashed to DRU-800 KC4B with good results.


HI, i have SONY RW DW-Q28A, and one day, a few months ago, when i was burning, the, the burning stopped, and from them onwards i have had various problems with the darn drive. I tried all kinds of firmware mentioned in here. the problem is that it will not burn anything; dvdr or cdr. It will not read dvd, it will read cds when it feels like, not all the time. If it doesn’t read successfully, the computer shuts off immediately. Iam getting sick and tired of this. Does anyone know how to fix this?

This sounds more like a hardware problem than anything to do with firmware. Try the drive in another PC and if it still exhibits the same symptoms, it’s probably time to buy a replacement and some peace of mind.

If you’ve crossflashed and want to try with this drive’s original firmware once more, use one from here to flash it back to a DW-Q28A.

The latest official firmware (KYS4) for the DW-Q28A is listed here.

Good luck!

Hi Cressida, thanks for replying. I think this is the burner’s problem, i have researched this drive and there seems to be more people having similar problems with it. When i asked Sony, they dont support this drive :). I tried all the frimwares, including KYS4, and the same problem persists. When i try to burn, the computer shuts off. I was hoping someone would find an answer to this. Does anyone else have and wild ideas for me to try to fix this problem or finding the cause of this problem? Thanks, your help is appreciated, Bye

Sorry to hear your drive’s still acting up, mojo123. I have one of these too and it works fine with KYS4. The equivalent Lite-On Model 1693S is quite highly regarded in this forum as well.

I still think the best way to decide to keep or replace your Sony is to test it in a different computer, thus ruling out any compatibility issues with your system. If that’s no option for you, at least make sure to test it in your PC connected on the secondary IDE-channel as a single master drive (set the jumper on the drive correctly and do not connect any slave drive) for maximum compatibility. While you’re at it, you may as well replace the IDE-cable in case it’s damaged and also check the 4-pin Molex power connector for a proper fit at the back of the drive. Your computer shutting off sounds like you may have a power supply problem or an overload situation happening somewhere on your motherboard. Again, if you could install the drive in another PC, it would be easy to determine whether the problem lies with the drive or with your present configuration.

I don’t think any of this will solve your problems and drives are known to die for no apparent reason, but at least you’ll have tried before replacing it. And at current prices it just isn’t worth it to spend a lot of time or money on trying to repair a faulty unit. But you can always hope for a miracle (or a cdfreak with a solution :slight_smile: )!

Yea, I complained to my computer maker of this. Literally i yelled at them. They said they would be happy to replace the drive with “another” model, and i think they did this on purpose, give me the faulty model, they must get like a special deal on it or something. But now i have to pay for shipping and handling…jeez…lol, yes I am very cheap :slight_smile: Cressida, thanks for the advice, I do have another computer, I guess I can test it before sending it to the manufacturer. I don’t know about the IDE and other stuff you were talking about, I am a computer illiterate, lol. But I know how to replace a drive, thankfully :slight_smile:

Thanks again Cressida, if anyone has any other ideas, please do post, replacing the drive would cost me months, and i still use the drive to read cds. Ok Bye