Sony & Rootkits...are they Installed with Sony Drives?


As I was browsing here I found a mention the other day on Sony Rootkits…mentioned as a bad virus.
Can this mean I have a Rootkit installed with this driver?
What exactly can a rootkit do?

I have scanned & have no virus.


you cannot get it from a drive, usually from a a disc or software, they install on your pc, alot of antivirus scanners etc cannot pick up rootkits


Ok, thanks…not from a drive.

But:1.) What about from using Sony Media +DVD or -DVD discs?
2.)and, what about this, can you get it from a firmware update?


No and no. :slight_smile:

As PumaUK said, it’s usually from pressed discs or software (not blank media), that you sometimes find those nasty rootkits.

Arachne, what is it with the eye patches? :smiley:

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If your autorun is on and you played audio CDs with that sony protection, then u could have gotten it. I’m not sure, but kaspersky may find it. U can always check antivirus software websides and search for Sony rootkit to see if their soft finds it.

Only if you are running your system as user with administrative permissions.

I’m not sure, but kaspersky may find it. U can always check antivirus software websides and search for Sony rootkit to see if their soft finds it.



Don’t really play any music Cd’s in the pc…so that is np.

Not sure if there is a thing like a Sony Movie disc…would it be possible to get it like that?
although I seldom watch a movie on the pc, prefer TV for that.

Not on the drive…ok
Not on blank media…ok
Not on firmware…ok

Sony Movie dvd…???
Sony Music CD’s …yes

As always TIA,

I haven’t known a rootkit come from a Sony movie DVD, but I guess there’s always a first time.

There are some DVD movies published in Germany by Kinowelt (Mr.&Mrs. Smith) that install rogue drivers (Alpha-DVD) rendering optical drives nearly useless. Also these drivers introduce security risks due to poor programming.


Wow, thanks for the info, Michael ;)…luckily the Sony movies I have don’t have anything of the sort (that I know of).

Well, the only way of being safe would be:

[li] Avoid buying DVDs and CDs that are marked as “Copy Protected”
[/li][li] Disable Autorun/Autoplay
[/li][li] Don’t work as user with administrative permissions


  1. run an alternative OS such as linux, bsd, solarisx86

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From my understanding you have to click OK to a user agreement with the Sony music CD
when inserted into the PC before you can get the root-kit stealthily installed without your
knowledge or permission unless you read the fine print very closely. If you ever try to play
a Sony DVD on the computer and get a user agreement that you have to click OK to before
it will play then I’d think twice before clicking OK. :disagree:

getit is right from what I am reading…you have to accept an aggreament.

Not sure if this is allowed, if not feel free to remove. It is a link at afterdawn…thyeyalso had a discussion on Rootkits. Some interstesing things.

Also on this site:

This may shed a little more light on the topic.