Sony reveals PS Vita memory card, game prices for US



Sony reveals PS Vita memory card, game prices for US.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony silenced months of speculation on Thursday by divulging software, accessory and memory card prices for the North American release of its new gaming handheld, the PS Vita. Prospective buyers anxious over just how much they'll need to spend on launch day may be quieted for different reasons.

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4GB card for $30, an 8GB card for $45, a 16GB card for $70 and a 32GB card for $120.
That’s really expensive. I know they do this because they want to prevent piracy, but what is a Chinese manufacturer eventually stopping from making a converter case that will allow you to put micro sd cards in? Like they did with the Nintendo?


Mr. B - Those were the prices GameStop mistakenly put on its site a few weeks ago. The actual prices are less.