Sony reveals Playstation branded 3D TV at E3

Sony reveals Playstation branded 3D TV at E3.

[newsimage][/newsimage]After a horrendous April and May due to multiple hacking atrocities, Sony was looking to wow the crowd at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year.  In previous years the 3D capabilities of their Playstation 3 were something the company wanted to brag over but market penetration for 3D TV hasn't exactly been huge at this point.  This year Sony wanted to push an affordable 3D TV, branded with the Playstation name to entice the gaming faithful.

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Interesting idea but the problem is when there’s more than 2 people. Often when playing split screen games you have more friends there spectating and taking their turn when the match is done. What do these people do while the 2 players are playing. If they don’t have 3D glasses they can’t make sense of the garbled image on the screen. Or with 3D glasses they can see only what one player’s doing.

Also, considering how “niche” split screen gaming has probably become, it seems a bit much to market this gimmicky tech for that niche.

This is what happens when they put idiots in charge of product development. Can you trust Sony products if this is what they’ve wasted R&D money on?