Sony reveals details on how it will cut 10,000 jobs worldwide



I just posted the article Sony reveals details on how it will cut 10,000 jobs worldwide.

Sony isn’t doing well and has to cut many jobs. More details? Click to read…

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I will admit, I use to be a big Sony Fan when I was about 5 lol back in the early 80’s Sony lost their vision of high quality electronics. Also when Sony went to gaming I knew the end was coming to Sony even back with the playstation 1.

Sony your customers told you what they wanted, how they wanted their products to work.

Instead of listening Sony went and messed with the homebrew crowd with the Playstation 3 mess.

You do not make customers by suing new customers .


sony bad name in my house


Sony is a very bad name in my house! Been on my s… list for years. :eek:


Sony let a larger and larger part of the company rely on profits fromt he GAMING consoles… and by PS3 accounted for over 50% while squandering it’s reputation in every other product it sells and by 2005 was far down the path of decline. Meanwhile, Apple’s star was rising. How could a company so supercharged on electronics INNOVATION drop the ball so badly?

My best hopes are with the Japanese devloping alternative energy (hydrogen fuel cell technology in particular)… they are gonig to begin this race but will have the rest of the world competing as well and this time the stakes are higher for the world.


What sums it up for me is; Once we all had walkmans, now we all have ipods.
The make isn’t relevant, it’s the generic term that’s changed. Well done Sony for losing that massive edge.
I wonder if they will ever learn not to piss off their customers. Booting out all those employees hasn’t exactly helped to redeem them much in my eyes! It’s hard to believe a large company can be so stupid, err… perhaps M$ comes to mind?


It’s always too bad for the employees of these big companies. It seems everyday you hear about 100,000 employees laid off here, 20,000 there. And to think, most of the people I know wonder why it’s so hard to get a job today. And why are they losing there jobs? Because the people higher up than them just can’t seem to get in the game.


I used to be a big Sony fan back in the early 90s. Then one day I had to buy a Sony portable CD player car charger because of the proprietary connection. It was a lot more than the generic charger. Then, in 1998, I was in the market for a 50" projection television. I was going to buy Sony, but then the salesman said Sony’s TV’s didn’t do white very well. He had a demo loop of a guy skiing down a hill. The Toshiba TV had white snow and Sony’s TV had pinkish snow. I eventually bought a very nice Hitachi 50" and it served me well for 12 years. Then my Sony receiver started to get a hum to it, and that made me mad. Now I buy only Yahama receivers. Then Sony started making exploding laptop batteries, root kits, and really cheap stereos. So now they’re dead to me… forever.

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