Sony releases firmware 2.0A for DRU-530A, adds 8x DVD-R!

I just posted the article Sony releases firmware 2.0A for DRU-530A, adds 8x DVD-R!.

Sony has released a new firmware update for the
DRU-530A drive. Besides the read and write performance increase for DVD-R media,
firmware 2.0A also adds
8x DVD-R recording speeds and 4x…

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That’s great! Now I hope Plextor will follow on PX-780A and will also add double layer capability and I will be one happy user! :B

Isn’t the HW of this drive identical to the HW of LiteON 401/411/811?

No, it is not “identical to the HW of LiteON 401/411/811” Why is it that whenever news of one drive getting a new feature is posted, users of another type of drive always reply just to say that they want the feature too?

No, the drive is manufactured by OptoRite and is VERY similar to the DD0401.

How about some un-named company that promised 8x -R and didn’t deliver it yet? Does that ring a bell? If these 2 drives were identical ppl who were ripped-of could have 8x -R…