Sony releases cheaper Playstation 3, might boost Blu-ray?

I just posted the article Sony releases cheaper Playstation 3, might boost Blu-ray?.

An Australian website reports that Sony is introducing a slimmed down version of the Playstation 3 which will cost AUS $699 (about 400 EURO) and comes with a 40 GB hard disk, wifi internet access,…

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And don’t forget, they’ve also removed PS2 backwards compatibility on this version. Muppets. I now have three reasons to avoid buying a PS3. (The others being price and no ‘killer app’ games to tempt me into buying a PS3). Although they have removed PS2 support, Sony will no doubt make some PS2 titles available via download and make us pay to play games we already own again. Thanks Sony, you’re great! :frowning:
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this is absolutely the f@@@@@ limit i,v loved all my sony products in the past,realy great engineering.built to last that the price was so high is to be expected, BR + cellchip iv been waitng for prices to drop but all the thing sony hhave been doing to screw its customers ( me )has made me decide to buy an xbox for the kids this xmas. SONY you are the new SCO ,you just fuck everyone

its a sad day when microsoft gets a better name for its hardwere and loyalty to customers in place of the once great sony, realy sad :c

While I think it’s a stupid move, a PS3/BD player for $400 is a good deal. If you want BC, you just pay $100 more for the 60GB version (still plenty to go around). A PS2 costs $130, so you save yourself $30, and you get 20 more GB space, two more USB ports and the card reader…that’s not a bad way to look at it as a deal.

Remove BD regional coding and I may be interested…

Have I mentioned I hate $ony? Well, I do. :r

I for one think this is a great deal. I really could care less for backwards compatibility. I have not touched an original xbox game since I got my 360. If for some reason I really feel the urge for some old games I still have my old systems, do you guys just throw them away when you get a new one? Tony in no way is Microsoft known this generation as having better hardware I’ve been waiting almost a month for my RROD replacement. At least for right now Microsoft is know for having better games though.

I keep all my old systems, but if a new system has backwards compatibility it means less clutter as the old system can be packed away and it frees up a power point/input on the TV.
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kopykat you realy are employee of the month there at sony…400 a good deal and it Won,t PLAY ps2 games.its got a blueray player which ain,t so great (realy no, REALY expensive disc dat are,nt coming down in price for atleast 5 years ) HD dvd cost next to nothing after slight retooling anyway just buy one it will look great next to your betamax player and fits on top of your minidisc deck

According to reviews and owners, the PS3 is a great BD player, even DVD upscaling is great. So unless you are an owner yourself (which you are), I can’t see how you can say it’s not a great BD player. The built-in ethernet/wi-fi alone makes it better than a lot of BD players out there that cannot play Fantastic Four 2 and The Day After Tomorrow. And speaking of this HD DVD costing next to nothing. Do I care? I don’t manufacture those discs, and if they are cheaper to make, I’m not seeing the difference as a consumer so really, WTF do I care? According to Price Grabber, 300 BD costs $22.98, HD costs $23.99, and Troy DC is exactly $26.91 for both. Yeah, I’m not seeing the savings.

I totally agree with KopyKat. Ditto on everything. All Sony is doing is providing options to get their product into consumer’s homes at different price points. Don’t be hypocrytes… It’s no different than buying a PC with different hardware but using the same operating system. Most Hi-Def users aren’t even interested in playing a low res ps2 game on a 1080 screen. I have and own both systems, including old gen. ps2 and xbox. I would have to say I use (for kids when we have visitors) the ps2 and not the xbox as mcuh but the fact is that I haven’t even turned on the PS2 since last year! So do I miss it, not really. It’s nice to have it and good to know that the PS3 is backward compatible but frankly I want the new generation stuff.
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