Sony releases 200 disc DVD changer/writer for MCE 2005 rollup 2



I just posted the article Sony releases 200 disc DVD changer/writer for MCE 2005 rollup 2.

 Sony  has just released their 200 disc changer and dubbed it the  VGP-XL1B2. This device was once just available as  a part of a complete Sony system, but now one can purchase it ...
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oooohhhhh, to bad. It’s made by Sony so I won’t be buying it. Noticed on the last South Park episode the TV said FONY at the bottom :slight_smile: cracked me up


If this were any brand other than Sony, but… Wonder what kind of DRM, Rootkit, etc that they managed to hide in this machine??


The bright side is that will drive down prices and also if it sells well (and I think it will) other companies will jump in with competitive products. The main thing this has going for it, is it is supported natively in the MCE OS. So it has a nice 10foot interface that willl allow selecting movies with a remote. It is real handy to look at your libraary from the couch and select a movie by genre director etc. Then never have to get up and find the DVD then put it in the drive. Although there are 3rd party programs that are going to be written for it I am sure.
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upto 5 daised chained to provide 1000disk storage space…nice but why stop at 5 :wink: my biggest concern for this device is that the interface is probably proprietary & locked on either win xp mce or sony’s own software that is very limited in functionality. win xp mce is junk (i heard that the reason for the delay of consumer version of win vista is the problems on the multimedia part) & adding another unsupported sony software would be nothing but headache i would go for media server instead of this disk changer…nice try though :slight_smile:


ideal for Venti/Fossil file server