Sony recalls recent DVD titles - DRM issues

“Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has discovered the source of a problem in their recent DVD releases that prevented them from being played on some players, including some manufactured by the consumer electronics division of Sony itself. The company said the problem was caused by an update of its copy-protection system, which it continually updates in order to derail potential hackers. Among the DVD movies affected were the new James Bond film Casino Royale, The Pursuit of Happyness and Stranger Than Fiction. Sony said that anyone who had purchased one of the discs and has experienced problems playing it may receive a replacement disk free of charge by phoning 800-860-2878.”

Maybe Sony should just buy a license for AnyDVD for all their DVD customers, so they can rip and play the movies. :bigsmile:

lol Lets call the phone number and get some free DVD’s from Sony :bigsmile:

I just rented it and am having trouble with it. I wonder if I can get Sony to replace the copy for the video store. :smiley: I wonder if the video store would appreciate it. :stuck_out_tongue:


The video store has one of the bad copies and I doubt that they know that they can have Sony replace it with a good one. I wonder if it would be possible to exchange it and return a good copy. (It would depend on Sony’s turn around since I’ve only got it for a few days—speaking of which, I’ve got to remember to watch it soon; I’ve got to return it tomorrow.)