Sony RDRHXD710 and picture quality



I have a Sony RDRHXD710, which has great features, but I have some concerns about the picture quality. I don’t know if this is specific to my unit, or a more widespread problem.

When playing back recordings I’ve made to the hard disk, I notice a “shimmering effect”. This is particularly noticeable on close up of faces, where the skin texture will appear to dance around. Watching a recording of “28 Days Later”, at one point there is a shot of a line of lampposts. I could distinctly see the lampposts jiggling around. I’m using a Philips 28DW9625 TV. Viewing channels through the recorder tuner is fine, just recordings are affected.

What do you make of this? This recorder only has a digital tuner, a compressed signal, which is presumably being compressed again when it is recorded.

This has been a problem from new (two months ago); I’ve been trying various things in the settings, but nothing makes a difference, even recording on highest quality.

I’m going to contact the Sony service centre. This is a great recorder feature wise, I just want to sort out this one problem.


hi Astanley,

I have the same Sony recorder after owning various Philips models and I must say it is excellent to outstanding at both recording and playback compared to the Philips!

The only thing I can say is that sometimes the picture and/or the sound breaks up, but I have put it down to a bad digital signal or interference as my loft Arial is less than perfect!

Maybe you have a faulty recorder, is it possible to check back with the shop in which it was purchased!

Hope this helps




I have exactly the same problem especially when watching recordings. The faces on close-ups move about. I use the RDRHXD710 with the Sony KDLV40A12U flat screen which is normally excellent. My local dealer suggested recording in HQ but it is obviously not the answer. They also suggest trying a top quality scart lead but I would like to be sure this would cure the problem before paying out around £60. If anyone has cracked this problem I would appreciate being able to share the remedy.


What recording quality was used?


I have tried various record modes and have also tried a top quality scart - all to no avail. I am now wondering if the the background movement is indeed due to a fault on the machine or is it that the quality of the picture on my Sony KDLV40 tv is so good that it is making me over-critical.


I took my recorder to a Sony repair centre and they said there was nothing wrong with it. They upgraded the firmware which made no difference.

The problem seems to be worse in low lighting conditions, and possibly on older material. I’ve been recording I Claudius, and it is very noticeable on the close ups of faces, especially indoors. When the actor moves their head, their features do not move in sync.

This recorder is digital only (Freeview). Is the problem to do with compression of a digital signal, which is already compressed? I used HQ to record, and I expect better than this. I don’t know what to do now. I could contact Sony again, but all they do is send you to the repair centre.

Getting frustrated!


If you turn to page 54 of your instruction manual at the bottom of the page under where it says notes you will find a quote that says “Remnants of images may appear on your screen when using Rec NR”.
Im not 100% sure but i think you may see an improvement if you completely turn off the recording noise reduction.
THis problem seems to be even more noticeable on an lcd tv so just turn that Rec NR off completely.