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Hi everyone! I sure hope you are all smarter than I (chances are good-:D).
I have two of these Sony stand alone DVD/VHS burners which used to work like a charm. Now they both refuse to record on -R DVD’s they still work fine on everything else but when -R dvd is used they will not write. This is especially irritating since they go through the recording process but during the write portion, after the burner has logged the data from the TV show or video cassette being copied, the machine will put up a window that says the disk cannot be played or recorded! Both machines do this. I have even tried Sony brand DVD’s to no avail. I have had (on at least two occasions) the decks record to a -R dvd which would play but when I finalized the disk it then became unreadable (even in a computer), all I would get was the “this disk can neither be played or recorded” on the TV screen. I have tried to search for help from Sony to no avail. Interesting how Sony and the rest manage to find a way to make spending money through the internet very simple but when it comes to supporting their produts they miss the boat, isn’t it?
Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else has had anything like this happen to them, it really blows when one thinks that an important TV show is being recorded and then you find it has been lost.
I appreciate any help I can get.
Also, by the way, I haven’t tried a reboot yet but I will this weekend and will post again should that work, none the less this is really irritating.


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The vast majority of Sony “branded” DVD Media is not actually manufactured by Sony but is sub-contracted to various DVD Media manufactures and unfortunately sometimes Sony “branded” DVD Media might be poor quality Media. Since the vast majority of Sony “branded” DVD Media is not actually manufactured by Sony but is sub-contracted to various DVD Media manufactures means that each package of Sony “branded” DVD Media you purchase could be manufactured by different manufactures and in essence be different Media although the package will have the Sony name on the package.

To obtain consistent Media quality suggest using known proven quality DVD Media that has a proven track recorded of producing quality error free results such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media.

Unfortunately I don’t know much about your Sony RDR VX500 but it appears that you can replace the “DVD Burner” part of your Sony RDR VX500. Below is a Forum posting by Forum Member flyinhawaiian968 which states that you can replace the “DVD Burner” part of your Sony RDR VX500 with a standard computer IDE Burner. Perhaps its time to replace the “DVD Burner” part of your Sony RDR VX500 with a new modern IDE DVD Burner similar to a Pioneer DVR-115D that has been flashed with the newest current up to date Firmware that will effectively handle the new modern DVD Media and Auto BitSetting DVD-ROM Firmware which will Book Type BitSet DVD-R Media to DVD-ROM to enhance playback compatibility prior to installing in your Sony RDR VX500.



Thank You so much bjkg,

I think I may give that a try even though I am lucky to change a battery without a fight.
I have tried all types of DVD brands with no luck. Because both machines fail the same way, it made me wonder about it (I thought it strange that two machines would malfunction the same way at virtually the same time).
Thanks again.


Well, I thought it worth the risk of $35 to order and try the Pioneer DVR-115D in my Sony machine but it ended up being a no go. The burner acted the same as before, sort of; as before it failed to record on a DVD-R and although it did try to play that disk, all that I would get was a return to the stop mode. Not to give up too easily, I tried to finalize the disk and then the machine locked up.
I assume the problem is in the software or electronics.
I am thinking that it may be just as well to get another type of DVD/VHS standalone machine. I am wondering if anyone knows of one that does DVD/VHS copying like the Sony but also has a hard drive (like tivo) to hold the recordings for burning to a disk at a later time (should one choose to do so) and a HD tuner as well.
I know this is probably a tall order but what with the loss of analog stations next year I thought that this would allow me to still have the picture in picture feature with my TV. I don’t believe I want a DVD burner that burns in HD but rather the analog as I do now (I imagine compatability issues would be a problem if I did have the HD in the burner section of the machine).
Anyone have any advice??