Sony RDR-VX500 and VIDEO_TS



I am considering buying a Sony RDR-VX500 primarily to copy home movies from VHS to DVD. I have many tapes, and in most cases I am just going to burn the whole tape to DVD and forget it. In some cases, however, I will copy the DVD to a hard disk on my PC and edit the video to make compilations, etc., that I will burn to DVD. HOWEVER, I read this “user review” on CNet:

“Sony hides all VOB and VIDEO TS folders after burning on their decks. (I tested it myself and spoke with a Sony rep who agreed that this is the case with their model.) So if you plan to edit any of the footage on a PC or Mac, forget it. You’re locked into Sony’s DRM Hell. Stay away!”
Two questions:

[li]Is the user review accurate?
[/li][li]Given that I want a combo VHS and DVD Recorder, is the Sony a good choice? If not, what do you recommend?