Sony RDR VX410 Combi DVD/Video Recorder



Looking for any assistance I can get here. Got the above combi dvd/video recorder. 12 months 27 days old so 27 days out of warranty. Recorded TV prog using DVD and when updating info on disc at end (DVD+RW format), machine kept trying update. Eventually switched off machine as all controls locked out. Now can’t get the disc out - keeps saying “LOAD” and when I press the eject button it says “OPEN” then goes back to “LOAD”. Sony say tought (in a few more words). Although 27 days out of warranty they say I have to organise and pay repair. Is there a way of tricking the eject system so that it will open the drawer. Mechanism might be at fault but I’ll only know once I get the jammed disc out and a new one in. Any assistance greatly appreciated.


I had the same problem as you describe but also the menu was very slow and doing all sorts of funny things.
My unit was just 1 week outside warranty so I rang the customer service line in Hampshire explaining the situation and they said to send in the estimate for repairs and the original receipt and they would examine it and let me know but they sounded very helpful and did NOT reject my claim out of hand. :slight_smile:

so now I am waiting for a reply from them. :slight_smile: