Sony RDR-HX900


I have a chance to buy a Sony RDR-HX900 for a REALLY good price. The problem is that the guy who is selling it, is selling it because he now has a media centre PC and, you guessed it, he removed the 160gb drive from the RDR…

I wondered if anyone has any knowledge regarding the replacement of this drive as the unit appears useless without it… I’m guessing there will be something in the firmware that wont allow bigger drives, but I need to know if there is something in a menu somewhere that will detect when a new drive has been installed and allow for the formatting of that drive?

Time is running out so any advice would be greatly appreciated…



The instructions manual says that if you have HDD problems you have to send the drive to Sony support. And I’m not sure if you can format it by youself.
Depending on the firmware/software lies inside the machine, you may be or may not be able to make use of it.
To my advise, without the HDD its not a buy, unless you contact Sony and they offer you a replacement price (HDD+service) that you find nice.
The drive inside must be a regular HDD, trying would be an option but I’d have serious doubts.
the 900 is a good machine, but have several shortcomings : sloooowwww to start, either when you switch on or you insert a DVD.
Playlists are just for DVD-RW
You cann’t divide files, just delete parts of them.
And doesn’t accepts some discs.
The image is great, if you don’t compress too much, but you find cheaper machines that offer some of the missing features in this one.
Ah, Sony doesn’t use to improve the drives - so don’t expect new firmware versions…I guess.

sorry about my english, I am from Serbia and I have the SAME problem as you. I bought the rdr-hx 900 WITHOUT HDD, connector and flat cable. Are you resolve your problem and how? Please send reply. Thanks.

It can be done. See this post here on

Hard Drive bad on Sony RDR-HX900

There is another thread there somewhere on the same site, but for the life of
me, I can’t find it right now. Anyways, at least two people with whom I’ve
spoken have succeeded in the drive replacement. You also should know that
you do NOT need that exact model drive. Another person used a Maxtor.