Sony RDR-GX315 Problems

I recently got a Sony RDR-GX315 Recorder and the discs record fine both (+ & - RW) but the -RW won’t play in any other player and the + disc will only play in one of my players. Neither of the discs however will play in my computer which concerns me the most. I have an I/O Magic IDVDRW4 (GENERIC DVD RW 4XMax) that is supposed to play both +/- RW discs. Is this a problem with the recorded discs from the Recorder or is a DVD Drive problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The info on my DVD Drive is below…

Nero InfoTool 3.02

Drive Information

Type : DVD±R/RW Recorder
Firmware Version : 2.23
Buffer Size : 8 MB
Date : 03-09-25
Serial Number
Vendor Specific : 03/09/25x²]
Drive Letter : F:
Location : 1:0
Mechanism : Tray
Read Speed : 40 X
Write Speed : 1.0 X

Read CD Text : Yes
Return C2 Pointers : Yes
Read CD-R : Yes
Read CD-RW : Yes
Read DVD-ROM : Yes
Read DVD-RAM : No
Read DVD-R : Yes
Read DVD-RW : Yes
Read DVD+R : Yes
Read DVD+RW : Yes
Read DVD+R DL : No
Read BD-ROM : No
Read BD-R : No
Read BD-RE : No
Read Digital Audio : Yes
Read CD+G : Yes
Read VideoCD : Yes

Write CD-R : Yes
Write CD-RW : Yes
Write DVD-R : Yes
Write DVD-RW : Yes
Write DVD-R DL : No
Write DVD+R : Yes
Write DVD+RW : Yes
Write DVD+R DL : No
Write DVD-RAM : No
Write BD-R : No
Write BD-RE : No
Buffer Underrun Protection : Yes
Mount Rainier : No
Modes : Packet, TAO, DAO, SAO, RAW SAO, RAW SAO 16, RAW SAO 96

Region Protection Control : RPC II
Region : 1
Changes User : 3
Changes Vendor : 4

Disc Information (F:)

Type : Blank DVD-RW

Hardware Information

CPU : Pro3100A+ 1600 MHz
Bus Speed : 133 MHz
Motherboard : ECS L7VMM3
System : ECS L7VMM3
BIOS : AMI 07.00T
Memory : 256 MB
Sound : Vinyl AC’97 Audio (WAVE)
Video : NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200

ASPI Information

System ASPI : ASPI is not installed

Nero ASPI : ASPI is installed and working properly

WNASPI32.DLL : 164112 bytes October 26, 2004

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To me it seems like the discs have not been finalised, as recorded discs must be finalised before they can be played in other equipment. Just note that once a disc is finalised, it must be erased before it can be used for further recording (except DVD-RW which can be unfinalised in your recorder). To finalise a disc, go into the System Menu, select the ‘Disc Setting’ tab from the left and press Enter, select “Disc Finalize” and press Enter and finally select “Finalize” and press Enter. It is generally not necessary to finalise DVD+RW discs, so I’m not fully sure why these will not work in at least your PC DVD-RW drive.

When recording to DVD-RW, make sure you have this formatted as “Video Mode” instead of “VR Mode” as most DVD players will not recognise DVDs written in the VR Mode. The Video Mode does have a drawback in that certain editing features are not available.

thank you very much for the reply. i have tried the discs both finalized and not finalized and still no luck. soooo frustrating. :frowning:

Repeating Seán’s latter suggestion: did you use -VR or Video mode for the -RW?

The other thing is; what brand/MID code discs are you using?