Sony RDR-GX315 DVD Recorder Firmware Upgrades?

I have a Sony RDR-GX315 DVD recorder (This is a VCR replacement, c/w tuner) and am looking for a Firmware Upgrade for this unit.

Does anyone have a link? I can find nothing thru Sony’s web sites.


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I had a quick look myself, but it looks like Sony has not released any new firmware updates at this time, at least according to their website when I look up your model. I checked both the US and Canadian versions, but without any success.

Sean - need help with the Sony rdr-gx315 :frowning: the remote won’t work and I can’t reset to factory settings. The unit is stuck on dvd-1 setting (versus default dvd-3) so I can’t bring up the system menu on the TV. Help! Thx. Larry

To fix the Sony remote dvd-1 dvd-2 dvd-3 issue is to take the remote for that recoreder into another room or unplug the dvd recorder a moment. Then hold down the enter key and the number of the mode its stuck in ie if its stuck in dvd-1 mode hold down the enter key and then the 1 key. hold both buttons together for 3 seconds. After this go back into the room and try it or if you unpluged tthe player replug it back in. The remote has to be away from the player to work. again example

<stuck in dvd-1mode> get away from player different room so it can not sence remote. Hold down enter and 1 button for 3 seconds and then try it
if its stuck in dvd-2 mode dold down enter and the number 2 button together for 3 secondsd and try it. The idea is you have to be far away from the recorder so it dosent recieve any inputs from the remote while doing this.:bigsmile::clap::iagree::p:bow::eek:

It works on my RDR-GX360! Was this buried in the manual somewhere?