Sony RDR-GX315 and DVD-RWs

I want to use my DVD recorder to time shift programs and have done so using DVD+Rs with no problems at all. However, once they’re used they’re done so I decided to get DVD-RWs instead. I tried formatting them in VR mode but the machine for some reason isn’t able to write the table of contents after recording so I can’t play the disc back. I tried reformatting the discs in Video mode and the machine displays INF WRITE as expected and then stops but when I press play I get a “No title list found” message. I’ve thought about trying DVD+RWs but they don’t have all the bells & whistles that the DVD-RWs have but if they work I don’t care about the extras. I’m using 2x rated Memorex DVD-RWs. Sony support suggested using a Sony DVD-RW instead. If it wasn’t for the fact this machine was a gift I would probably buy something else. Thanks for you insight and time.