Sony RDR-GX120 Problems


  1. The recorder, although in “power save” standby still runs up and starts the fan from time to time.

  2. If I use the VideoPlus to set a timer on Channel 5 - the recorder always selects L1 input instead.

  3. Loading a disk takes ages and even if I ask the machine to eject a disk from standby, it wastes time loading it before the drawer eventually opens.

  4. Two movies recently recorded on PC switch the DVD recorder to Black and White for the whole movie playback - “Any DVD” Problem??

Can anyone comment? Have I got an unusual machine or is this behaviour normal? I use DVD+RW disks for recording - Philips and Ricoh.



For the first issue, I can’t really comment here apart from that the unit may briefly power up to cool itself down periodically.

With the second issue, it seems like the Video Plus+ mapping is incorrectly set up for Channel 5. Unfortunately, I cannot find any info in the manual on how to set up the channel mapping, but it seems like the mapping for Channel 5 has been incorectly set to L1. One thing to look out for in the Channel setting or Channel sort menus is for a Video Plus+ mapping (known as GCN on Lite-On recorders). For BBC1, this is 001, BBC2, this is 002 and so on up to Channel 5, which should be mapped to 005 from what I recall.

The third issue you have seems to be common with the vast majority of DVD players and recorder I have come across. Most DVD players power up with in a few seconds, so the ejection time does not seem unusually long, where as many DVD recorders take 10 seconds or longer to power up than DVD players, which makes it quite tedious to eject a disc from standby.

Finally, with your forth issue, it appears like the movie you recorded on the PC is in NTSC. While most DVD players will play back region NTSC discs (if disc or player is region free), unfortunately only a few convert the picture to PAL at 50Hz. Some DVD players simply convert the colouring to PAL, but leave the frame rate and size the same as most European TVs will play PAL at 60Hz. However, it looks like your DVD recorder retains the NTSC colour when playing back an NTSC disc. Most European TV’s do not support NTSC colour and thus will show the picture in Black & White, as with attempting to display a SECAM picture on a PAL-only TV. If you encode your own movies, try setting the TV standard to ‘PAL’ if it gives this choice. Just be warned that the motion can get a litle jumpy during the conversion as frames need to be dropped when converting from NTSC to PAL.


Thank you for your reply. Regarding the Black and white playback, what do you suggest for converting to Pal on a PC as I already have the files on Hard Drive?



I solved the problem - the TV was set to PAL and setting it to Auto cleared the snag.

It was never going to be a problem until an American dvd turned up.

Thank you for your help.



Seem to have a problem with my sony rdr-gx120, it just wont record anything that is displayed in 60hz.
Is it just not compatible with 60hz? or is there a trick to get around this problem


thanks! < sarcasim :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably, nobody has an answer.


Looking for help with this model.
Does it record free view? Cant get it to scan freeview channels.
Anyone any ideas or is it just stupid me??


Yeah, guessed that
Seems to be a known issue with this model aswell :frowning:


There is no Freeview tuner in this model. You need a separate Freeview tuner attached and tuner the DVDr into that.



Hi! :slight_smile:

I too have a problem with my recently purchased player. It is stated in the user guide that playback of subtitles for DivX movies is possible, but I can’t get that function to work. What extention should the subtitle be? Do I have to burn a CD in a specific way? What?

Very grateful if someone could answer. Thank you! :slight_smile:


My recorder fan still runs just when it feels like it. Not even a disk in the drive.