Sony RDR-GX120 DVD recorder

I set up my new DVD recorder OK and it played DVD’s. Then I tried to record using VideoPlus. Just as I started to enter the numbers, the screen went blank. Now I cannot get any picture or even the set up menu. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting but to no avail. The scart lead is OK.
Any suggestions to get the picture back?

Welcome to the CD Freaks :wink:

To me it seems like the DVD recorder has experienced a fairly serious software crash. I’m actually rather surprised to see this happen while inserting a video plus code, as it is not like that the DVD Recorder was doing anything special at this time that would have caused the crash.

To start with, try doing a hardware reset. This can be done by pushing the standby button on your DVD recorder in for at least 10 seconds until ‘WELCOME’ appears on the display. If a picture still does not display, try connecting the DVD player up to a different TV (just to rule out the TV’s Scart socket). Finally, as a last resort, leave the DVD recorder unplugged overnight and try it the next day as some DVD recorders retain some of their memory and clock time up to a few hours without power to survive a short power failure.

If you still cannot get a picture or this issue occurs again later on, I would recommend bringing your DVD recorder back for service or replacement and explain that you have had issue several times already.

Good luck

Thanks for the quick response - first suggestion does not work, will try second suggestion. Incidentally, when I press system menu on the DVD remote - the normal TV programme comes on - weird!