Sony RDR-GX120 Command Setting?

Hi Im new here… i would love some help with a DVD player of mine “Sony RDR-GX120 DVD Recorder”

I’m unable to get my remote to work since the settings were changed by my brother. He changed the command mode to DVD1 from DVD3. I know on you FAQ’s page on it says that you can find out the what its set too by holding down stop when the players switched off. This does tell me that its DVD1, but doesn’t tell me how to resolve this. Please can anyone help me change the command mode back to DVD3?

As the remote doesn’t work im unable to go into the system menu to change this back. Its a mind bender for me :sad:

I am having the exact same problem.

I’d be really grateful if someone could help us resolve this… you would be helping two people!

I’ve got it to work on my OneforAll remote but it doesn’t have nearly all the options that the original remote had.

Thanks in advance.

Hi it seems I created the same problem. The solution was on another site.
Basically the setting DVD 1 2 or 3 is for those lucky enough to have more than 1 player. The remote needs to be set to the same setting as the player.
Turn off the player and press the stop to display the DVD number. Using the remote hold down the enter button and the numbervdisplayed for more than 3 seconds. Holding both buttons. Now the remote is intne with the player. So if you have more than 1 player set each rmote to each player using unique numbers for each. Why id the manual not say that.

Ok. people with this problem… Listen!
the reason why i was unable to do this is because i changed the settings to DVD1 from DVD3. when i was told to hold down the number i held down the number 3 (because i wanted to change it back to DVD 3)… You need to hold down the number the DVD is set to at present, mine was set to DVD1, so i held down the number 1. if this doesn’t work, press stop on the DVD player, this should display the settings DVD1 (or whatever DVD you set it to) then hold down 1. take the power out and it should work!!! Thanks really to Sid450, without his help i wouldn’t of been able to do it…

Ami me paso igual y poco me falto para desechar mi dvd, hasta me compre otro dvd, pero ya encontré la solución

pongan atención: Ten presionado al mismo tiempo por 6 segundos el numero del control remoto (1) mas (enter) y eso es todo, recuerda por 6 segundos los dos botones al mismo tiempo y listo, tan fácil como eso

dvd grabador rdr sony
para distintos modelos
daño – arreglo
para otras personas si se te daño tu dvd rdr sony y se puso en dvd1 – dvd2 – dvd3 en la configuración del sistema del dvd recorder sony y no te funciona el control remoto,
ten presionado el botón del el numero de (dvd que te sale en pantalla) ejemplo: A mi me salio dvd1, debes presionar en numero ( 1 ) si te sale dvd2 deberás tener presionado el botón ( 2 ) y si te sala dvd3 deberas tener presionado el botón ( 3 ) del control remoto y al mismo tiempo ( enter ) que esta en el centro del control remoto. Y eso es todo
nota: Presionar el numero y enter al mismo tiempo y eso es todo
mi nombre es freddy espero les ayude!!! Saludos