Sony RDR GX-300



:slight_smile: Hey everybody. Well, I’ve got an interesting problem with DVD+RWs. I am using Sly Soft Clone DVD with Any DVD to make copies of video that I want to archieve.

Sometimes DVDs can have issues with being copied. :o (bad scratches, fingerprints, etc)

To eliminate wasting media, I decided to start using RWs to test with first. (but I ran into a problem)

Problem is that after I use a DVD+RW in a computer based “burn”, it will play on the Sony RDR GX-300, but I can’t get the DVD media to then erase on the Sony recorder.

I called Sony and they said the DVD had to have a title list to be erased on the recorder. (which I kinda understand since I see the recorder generates a title list and map when recording)

I would have thought a computer based utility like Nero, Clone CD would have gotten the DVD erased so the Sony Recorder could have reformatted the DVD for use… :a “WRONG… :a WRONG… :a WRONG”.

I have tried may times with many different types of software to do an erase of the DVD and have the same result.(and also different media)

After being erased by the computer based “burner”, the disc shows an error on the Sony Recorder. In fact that is exactly what it says “disc error”. If you try to record with the media in the recorder after the “burner based erasure”, the record prompt says “media in unrecordable”.

In my computer is a Piomeer DVR-R100. (I’ve also used a “Lite On” burner and had the same result)

Where do you think the problem is and how can I fix same. :rolleyes:

My guess is the issue resides with the DVD+RW and that it isn’t getting fully erased by the burner. (so a disc error prompt shows up on the Sony Recorder)

What to you think…



I haven’t been able to find the edit tab for the thread I posted. Actually, the Pioneer DVD-RW burner is model number DVR-110D



I have the Sony Freeview model the RDR GX-500.

With +RW’s previously used on the PC that I now want to use on the DVD Rec. I do a quick format on the PC (I use Nero) and then put it in the Sony. As you say this gives an error however you should just be able to format this disc in the Sony (should be under Disc Info)