Sony raids German PS3 hacker's home, seizes computer equipment



Sony raids German PS3 hacker’s home, seizes computer equipment.

[newsimage][/newsimage]George Hotz was compelled by a judge to turn over his computer equipment to Sony as part of the company's approved Temporary Restraining Order. If you thought the PS3 jailbreaker had it rough, German hacker graf_chokolo didn't even receive the "courtesy" of a legal notice. The known PS3 tinkerer - whose work dealt with reverse engineering the console's hypervisor - had his house raided by police on Wednesday.

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First this dude uploaded everything to the internet.

Still, graf_chokolo is having the last laugh, as he went ahead and released all of his work, called The Hypervisor Bible. It’s a file containing all his knowledge on jailbreaking the PS3 and breaking its encryption. And now that it’s on the internet, it’s not likely Sony will be able to do much about getting it off the web unless they work overtime on another PS3 firmware update.

Second, he is still blogging about PS3 hacks after he’s been raided.


Thirdly, everyone already hates Sony :iagree:
Sony has already lost the war.


The hell with Sony. I will not buy anything else from them!


So,the german judge and “der polizei” is owned by the Yakuza now…


It is totally amazing how poorly Sony is managed. They have some of the best people in the world comming up with incredible stuff and developing it to reality, then the Lawyers get hold of it and put so many restrictions on it that it won’t perform as advertised. I can’t count the number of people who I advised not to purchase a Sony product, who purchased it anyway and later came back and said they would nevr buy anything from Sony again. I usually am able to resist the urge to say “I told you so”, but in what reality would a device made by SONY that will copy VHS to DVD actually work on anything but home movies? Clearly stated on the box, “Copy all your old VHS movies to DVD”. I guess they forgot to say “Home Movies”.

My own wife purchased a Sony DSLR camera and hates it because every time she turns it on, she has to change the settings because there is no way to change the defaults. The manual and several books say it keeps the settings, but it does not. It always reverts to the unchangable defaults. You might want a point&shoot to automatically select what to focus on, I don’t and I would never set a DSLR to, but Sony in their infinite wisdom, did and it must be changed manually every time you turn the camera on.
If you think about it, Sony would almost rule the world if their management wasn’t such morons.


[QUOTE=raceman94;2577152]The hell with Sony. I will not buy anything else from them![/QUOTE]
These are the same people who installed rootkits on peoples computers when they played one of their CD’s.
Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to change…


[QUOTE=raceman94;2577152]The hell with Sony. I will not buy anything else from them![/QUOTE]
Yeah! Buy only from legitemate companies who don’t do anything wrong on all levels! No more purchasing from companies who sell your private data, couldn’t care less about the environment or use childs and young women as cheap labour! No more buying from companies that do not allow hacking or tampering with data!

Well, that pretty much should sum up any company that sells electronic devices…