Sony +R & -R 25 packs $7.99 at K-Mart

The Sony 25 packs are on sale at K-Mart for $7.99. I was lucky and picked up
the last couple of 8x MIJ +Rs 25 packs at my local K-Mart. Maybe there are some still out there waiting to be found. I know the price is not the best but there are not many 8x MIJ Sonys left in my neck of the woods. Every once in a while they appear at Sams but you have to be quick.


Fry’s electronics has color Fujis, 30 pack spindle for $8.99. You might still be able to find TYs, I saw a few TY02 spindles left, I guess they restocked them because I bought all TY spindles when I was there. I have enough blanks that will last me for over 6 months, So I am not gonna bother to pay attention to media go on sale for at least a long time.

I keep telling myself I have plenty of media as well but I have a hard time passing up a good deal. I think that is why I also own so many computers/ optical drives etc. Some how I still manage to miss out on the best sales because I don’t have a Staples locally.
When I head up to northern Wisconsin I always stop at the Staples on the way but my
timing is not always the greatest.