Sony +R 100 packs for $30 at - TY or Taiwan?



Does anyone know if the Sony +r’s on sale at Bestbuy are TY’s or are they all MIT?


you always ask this when there’s a sale, and just like every other time it will vary store by store.

if they say MIJ then they are TY, if they are MIT they are not TY.

your store’s stock will not be the same as any other store.


You are 100% right reasonsnorules, all stores have different stock, my Best buy only have MIT, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t have MIJs.


the only place that I do see a lot of MIJ spindles left is frys electronics since they never promote anything else except GQ media. CompUSA also have a lot of MIJ spindles left too, but mostly 16X and a few remaining 8X MIJ, too bad those 2 places dont beat the price of their competator, they only match it. Staples on the other hand will guarantee 110% price match, but Staples, more likely to have MIT spindles since they sell Sony media pretty fast because I see time to time Sony media go on sale at Staples.


once again, this may be true in your location but can and DOES vary from state to state, city to city, and even store to store within the same city.

the only way to know for sure is to physically go to your local store and check the labels of the media on the shelf.


if no MIJ at BB
buy MIT at BB and swap with MIJ from another store that has MIJ


only necessary if the MIJ store won’t price match.

otherwise it’s a great plan: buy MIT on sale, buy MIJ at reg price, return MIT for reg price, keep MIJ :slight_smile:


But the peoblem seems to be I cannot find any MIJ in any store, anyplace, in 100 spindles or any other spindles. No rebranded Taiyo Yuden media to be had anyplace.


I too have this problem. I guess it’s a good thing I stocked up while the TY were more plentiful.


This is true for me also. I ended up finding a couple spindles of sony MIJ 8x at sam’s club. these were the 75 pks for 26 dollars. Not the greatest deal but I couldnt find any ty’s anywhere else. so everything is going to be 16x MIT for now on out I guess.


Well, er, um…
Why should it? The Sony +R MIJ 16X is still MIJ, even though it’s not TY.
The jury is out on how good this stuff is, tho, but from what I have seen everyone agrees it’s not as good as TY. Which, according to what I have read here, may be found in the The Sony +R MIJ 16X spindles but no way of knowing for sure that it is in fact TY.

And I would like to know what the diff is between the Sony Mfg’d MIJ and MIT 16X stuff as well afa quality…


You have good understanding of “we can’t price match” defence :wink:


And the reason I ask this is because I don’t think any 16x Sony Media (or even Sony 8x anymore) is made by TY, . However, there’s always the possibility that could they decide to subcontract out manufacturing and someone here used DVD Identifier and noticed some 16x TY. On the other hand, it’s also possible that Sony could be issuing some good stuff and people here have just gotten some great scans.

If I don’t ask here, where am I going to ask? I didn’t see anyone else posting this sale, and before I completely switch over to just using Verbatim MCC 004’s, I want to get as much input as possible.


for the time being, MCC 004 is better than TY 16X. I am not sure if it is the quality of the media or the firmware support of the drive. But the quality of MCC 004 varies greatly. I got 2 spindles of all coasters MCC 004. So I am not fond of any 16X media at this time except the ricohjpnR02 I bought at office depot under office depot brand. Good thing I was still able to retrieved some value for my coaster spindles via auctioning on ebay. So if you can find 8X +R Sony MIJ, that would be great because it would be the safest move.


i wasn’t trying to be a jerk or anything, but this sale was posted twice (in this week’s sale threads)

also, there have been threads where users have come across 16x TY, but finding them is not very consistent…they ARE out there though.your best bet is to look for a whit octagonal spacer and MIJ on the package (but it’s not a aure thing like the 8x)

still, the only way to find out what your store has is to go there.

all of the stores in my area carry the sony branded TYs, but other people in other areas have different experiences. This varies so much that no one can tell you what your store will have.