Sony QW-Q58A Burning Issues (DVD & CD)

Rolling56, this one is directed at you somewhat.

My burner has a problem with Taiyo Yuden DVD-R discs, but I noticed earlier that this drive doesn’t work well with -R. Would you suggest for me to get some +R from Taiyo Yuden? Do they work 100% in your experience?

Additionally, my CD burning capabilities are only at 4x and 10x as reported by Nero Infotool. This drive should be capable of 24x as you know. Do you have any explanation for why the drive is only reporting these two speeds?

Well i’m no expert and really don’t use my notebook much for burning. I have not burned any CD’s. I can only tell you this:

That i have not had any problems with burning Taiyo Yuden +R (TY02) but really never got them to burn above 6X. There’s a thread here somewhere you may have seen and i’ve found that burning at 4X seems to produce best results for me but i’m using UFS1 f/w.
Here is the thread, i just found it and might have some info you can use for different f/w’s but these are -R burns and scans with different drives and maybe 1 TY02. Hopes this helps you determine what’s best for you >

Also when you check speeds for CD’s are you putting a disc in the drive? You must put a disc in the drive to see what speed the drive will burn that particular disc.

I’m using UDS1 firmware again, and I noticed there are two less disc strategies from UYS3… I think that’s what Omnipatcher reports anyway. I did notice you said 4x seemed best, so I may give the +R a go.

Do you have any suggestions for DL media? I’m having some trouble distinguishing Dual Layer and Double Layer and whatever else is reported.

I did put a blank GQ in the drive and that’s what it reported: 4x and 10x. When I put a GQ cd that was already burned, it reported speeds up to 24x.

Sorry i haven’t tried to burn DL discs in that drive and i haven’t seen any scans.

Not sure what to tell you.

I use my desktop for almost all my burning. If i’m out of town and need to burn a disc i’ll use the Q58A. I’m really not to impressed with the drive. You may have more experience with the Q58A than i do by now. I’m just trying to help you and others what little i know so far and maybe someone will post more for others here that they know.