Sony Q30A/Liteon 1635 wont see Cd's

I have a Sony Q30A which used to read/write CD’s no problem. I crossflashed it to a Lite-on SHW-1635 using stock firmware YS0Z to try and fix a writing problem which turned out to be nothing to do with this writer!
Now my DVD reading and burning works fine but the drive will not recognise any kind of CD! It wont play commercial CD’s and won’t recognise blank media. Spins for a bit then asks for disc to be inserted. Any suggestions?

Yep, try the other drive if you have one, and try crossflashing it back.


in order to sort out system issues, get a bootable CD and try to boot from that. If that also fails, then there is a hardware issue (probably CD unit damaged).


Thanks for the suggestions - tried crossflashing it back but no luck still reads/writes DVD but wont recognise CD’s.
My CD/RW/DVD-ROM drive works fine. So I’ve probably caused this by crossflashing? Oh well - not the end of the world - just have to buy a new DVD writer!!!