Sony q30a flashed to lite-on 1635s

I flashed my sony q30a to a lite-on 1635 to let me write at 2.4x.
I still cannot burn at 2.4x? :confused:
I need to burn at such a low speed because to burn an iso of an xbox game you must burn at a slow speed to avoid disc errors.
I know it is not my media, because I’ve used the same media in my NEC drive and burned at 2.4x.

Any suggestions on how to get my q30a/1635s to burn at 2.4x(and of course 16x also)


Only myth and bollocks!
Use 2.4x rated media if you think that “you must” burn at such a low speed…

And BTW, what you do is illegal, because I’m sure that you haven’t created that ISO file!! :cop:

but is there a way to burn at 2.4x?
i don’t want to buy new media,
isn’t there a way to tweak the firmware to allow it to burn 2.4x?


You could ask in the LiteOn/Sony subforum, but I really see no sense for such a “modification”.

No reason at all to burn at 2.4x
I burn all my iso files at 12x or 16x and they work fine on both my xboxes.