SOny Q30 upgraded with YSOW Liton Firmware



Hi all.
Ive been reading the forum for a few days now. You guys are doing stuff i never thought possible with an optical drive.

Anyway I upgraded the firmware of my Sony Q30 to the latest (at the time) Liteon YSOW firmware, and instead of coastering 1 in 10 discs its now down to about 1 in 3. Have I done something stupid. Would the new test firmware for the 1635S be worth trying.

Aay help would be much appreciated


The YV6J test firmware fix the lead-in problem (with -R media) and also enables HT (HyperTuning) and OS (OverSpeed), which are to be used with Liteon"s SmartBurn utility.

But if you’re not going to participate in the testing, it’s better to stay with the YS0W firmware and wait till Liteon release the new firmware after the testing conclusion period (which I don’t know how long will last).


Hi Pinknoise. A few months ago I updated my Sony DW26a to the equivalent liteon firmware (it was equiv to the litey sohw 1673s). Despite being supposedly an “identical rebadge” for some reason it just never burnt very well with the liteon firmware. I tried several versions of the liteon firmware but all gave me poor results. I even tried “resetting learnt media” etc but nothing helped. Eventually I switched back to the official Sony firmware, the drive just worked better with it.

Don’t ask me what/why because I don’t know, but something must have been different on that Sony compared to the so called equivalent liteon, because the liteon firmware just didn’t work so well on it.

My advise would be to try the utility to reset learnt media first (and burn a few DVD’s after that to let it settle in), but if it’s still inferior then do what I did and just go back to the Sony firmware.


and instead of coastering 1 in 10 discs its now down to about 1 in 3.

OK I forgot to ask. How do you define “coastering”. I mean what test/tests are you doing to determine it. If you are talking about not playing in a particular home player then that’s a very differnt thing to not being readable on the dirve it was burnt in. Others define a “coaster” as a burn with too higher PIF rate for their liking etc. You need to be specific in your question if you want an accurate reply.


Sorry about 20% into the burn Nero reports the disc has failed.


Ive just updated my version of Nero and one of the fixes was for unspecified recorder errors when buring saved compliations. Ive been burning saved ISO images. I hope this fixes it.


hi i have a sony q30a i only write on 4x i need to write on 2x if any firmware i can use Please help.


it doesn’t make any sense to write @2x. remember to always burn a disc at its rated speed, or one step slower.