Sony Q28A

Hello, in my pc i have a Sony Q28A Burner, and somepeople have told me that it does not support bitsetting, although i have looked on sites that it does support bitsetting, this site below say’s that my burner supports bitsetting, how do i enlabe bitsetting?


Hello & welcome, [B]pingie8[/B]

Your drive does indeed support bitsetting, but there has been some questioning about whether it is permanent or not. You have a couple options here:

  1. Use the bitsetting option in your burning software with each burn, e.g. Nero or ImgBurn can do this.
  2. Crossflash* your drive to a Lite-On SOHW-1693S with Codeguys firmware and use LtnFW to apply bitsetting once (the setting will be permanent).
  3. Ask C0deKing to unscramble your Sony firmware and then make the bitsetting permanent with OmniPatcher before flashing it to your drive again.

If I were you, I’d update the drive to the latest firmware (KYS4 or KYR6 , depending on the version you have) and use LtnFW once to apply bitsetting. Then make a couple DVD+R test burns, rebooting the PC in between, and check the booktype of the burned discs in Nero CD DVD Speed (Disc Info tab) before doing any of the above. The second burn will tell you whether the setting was permanent or not. DVD+R DL will have auto-bitsetting, so nothing at all needs to be done for that.

  • Note crossflashing your drive will void the warranty.