SONY Q28A Repairing Help!

My Sony Q28A has a burning problems. Due to the warranty that has expired, how can I amplify laser diode??? Sorry for my English, because I can’t find right words, so I’ll have to explain into a different way: I don’t have any of those laser-diode widgets that measure laser, so I’ll have to do it manually. At least I have tool that measure Volts, Ampers, Ohm, etc…with display(I don’t know how it’s called on English).
So how can I do it wit this.
Thnx in advance.

What is exactly wrong with the unit?

Drive has many burning issue errors. Like: power calibration error, can’t disc @ once, write error, sometimes burns whole DVD but it’s blank, and first 3 cases almost every time ends with an empty DVD, those who are burned “blank”, I can burn over again with no problem on 111D. Ruined some DVD-RW’s now my new 111D can’t reckognize RW. I have tried with rpc’s KYS4 and KYS3, actually first firmware was KYS3, but nothing. Sometimes it burns. But in 80%, or more, of burning got errors.
And one more thing, how can I recover ruined DVD-RW, because it’s a brand new, reformat or something, because NERO won’t reckongize it as DVD-RW nor DVD Decrypter?

Usied Nero 6 or 7 even latest.

Jeah forgot, it’s not an NERO or some software issue like Daemon or Alcohol, because my 111D burns perfectly. And Q28A is a 1 year old.

Will someone answer???