Sony Q28A Media Learning Problem

For no one knowed how to answer my previous post, I’m making a new one.
Is there any way to stop, disable or prevent learning capability of Q28A within some kind of tool or modified firmware. I’m asking this because learning capability, or that 1 min gap before burning, ruined about 10 DVD’s (tried everything at that moment from de/installing Nero, rebooting computer, just everything posibble, drive uses DMA everything is fine, Windows XP too ) until I’ve tried to reset to default learning method with EEprom util. So I think that the problem is not in media or Nero but in that drive’s “Learning Media” capability.
Or is there any way to contact Sony, via email (I live in Belgrade/Serbia can’t do it over phone) to create another ver. of firmware that has no learning capability?

Drive: Sony Q28A
Firmware: KYS4
Burning Tool: Nero 7
Media used: Verbatim -R 8x

Other than “Reset learnt media” with the EEPROM Utility, there’s little else you can do. You can re-flash the firmware (maybe in Windows’ Safe Mode) to make sure it is OK. It takes 2-3 burns of each disc type to get the best results after a reset.

What is the media code of your Verbatim discs? If they are of the “Pearl White” variety, they could be the cause of your problems.

If you attach a Nero InfoTool log and/or an Error log after a failed burn, we can look for other problems. The 1 minute before starting the actual burn is perfectly normal.

nexus2000, OmniPatcher allows you to patch your firmware to disable media learning. :wink:

Thanks Codeking. But now there is another problem, I have an .exe firmware that OmniPatcher can’t load. It gives message firmware scrambled/compressed
Where can I find uncompressed KYS4 firmware.

Or where can I find .BIN file? Ominpatcher cannot accept EEprom bakup file.

Try using FlashFix on the original .exe first and it may load in OmniPatcher. Otherwise crossflash your drive to a LiteOn 1693S model (will void warranty) with corresponding firmware from (KS0B or KC4B). Those will definitely work with OmniPatcher.

(Thanks for the tip C0deKing - I never was that deep in trouble :slight_smile: )

Or you can actually backup your current firmware with LtnFW. Then make a copy of that backup, edit it with OmniPatcher, and reflash it to the drive.

To backup: Select “Backup”, Click “Browse”, browse to the folder where you would like the firmware to be saved, type in the file name (e.g. KYS4), click “Save”, and click “Start”.

Make a copy of that file, and edit with OmniPatcher following the OmniPatcher documentation. This should be pretty straightforward.

Flash the edited firmware with LtnFW (“Browse”>>-select edited firmware file->>“Open”>>Check “Update boot code” (recommended)>>“Start”); when the drive is reset and the program says “Done” or something to that effect, the flash has completed successfully and (if you choose; it’s not neccessarily required) you may reboot your computer.

I’ve tried that and it’s behaving the same as before (errors and burned blank). Now I ave an another issue. When pc is rebooting some times hags up on IDE checking an loads without SONY Q28A. When I shutdown an boot up again the IDE check passes OK. Is it possible that this drive became defective by time? But before worked perfectly, i didn’t past 8 months since I’ve bought it. Cna it be that in all of my attempts of changing firmware form KYS3 to KYS4 and via verce, and with Omnipatcher tool, disabling learning media didn’t do anything (still have 1.35 min gape on 4x). I think I need to replace it with another drive ( yep, still in a warranty )

Found out what happend: but can someone explain me this HOOOOWWWWWW:
Maxtor 40BG (my 1st drive, the old drive) attached on IDE1-Master (windows) + WD 80GB 8MB cache (recently bought) as IDE1-Slave both with power supply attached, with only, CD-RW LG 48Max, or SONY Q28A or both, only power supply attached my computer works boots OK (needs about 1,30min for win to load to welcome sign), but when Maxtor is IDE1M+PowSupp and WD only power supply even with IDE1/IDE2 as slave, my comp. won’t start, actually it starts, but in 2 wayz:
1st: It needs about 30 sec. more/less of displaying the IDE Branch connections:
Primary master: none
Primary slave: none
Secondary master: none
Secondary slave: none

2nd: Feels like everything is on… but nothing. It’s on power but nothing boot’s

Power supply: 350W-OK, don’t know the brand…but I know it’s branded, it costed me at tha time.
Ram: OK

Now with WD out my comp. works perfectly win needs 10-15 sec to load…but alas I don’t have mine SONY DVD, for I had to, because it freaked me out, but still in a warranty, to go to service…I bet if I didn’t do that it would work now perfectly… without few times, same blank-3xburned DVD’s, or power calib. errors…