Sony q28a at ky06

i have been playing with different firmware now for about 2-3 months, i have tried kys1,kys2, kys3 kys4, as a lite-on i have tried ksob and ks4b-cf-fbdx and lastly i have tried ky06. I think that ky06 has produced slightly better quality burns than the other ones. I was going to try and fine tune the ky06 firmware but i noticed there is different variations of ky06. one ky06 is 633 kb in size and looks different than the ky06 that is 3,003kb in size, i am not sure if they flash my drive the same or not but i don’t see how they could when they are different in size. I also noticed that ky06 is slightly slower but i don’t care about speed, quality is my only priority. i was also wondering if flashing my drive too many times could create problems and how to “reset” my drive if it has become problematic from flashing it too many times

Hi Kenny
I also have dw-q28a. I flashed it twise. KYS1 was original firmware. Then I installed hacked fw from CodeKing kc4b. The latest fw is KY06, which gives me slightly better quality than the other two. To install it, I tried to run 633 kb version first, but I got an error message, which said that the fw is only for DRU-800A. Then I ran 3,003kb version, and it was successful. I rebooted the computer and reset learnt media with eeprom utility.
Here is the scan of three disks. Media used is Sony D11 (Sony DVD+R 8x Made in Taiwan). I burnt them with Nero 7 at 8x. Firmware virsions:

  1. kys1
  2. kc4b
  3. ky06

it looks like your also getting slightly better results with ky06. i had the same problem getting the smaller ky06 file to recognize my drive at first, but i found out if you load the larger firmware file in to omnipatcher and change the drive id from q28a to dru-800 and then save that file, flash your drive with that new firmware file you just saved, you can then use the smaller ky06 flash because it will now see your drive as a dru-800. (you have to have your drive id as dru-800 for the small ky06 flash to work) i just have no idea what the difference in the 2 flashes are. if i had to guess it looks like the small flash file is a windows written flash file and the other flash has a built in program that allows for more versatility. Another nice thing i found was that if you are using yuden 002 media (rated at 8x) if you check the box in omnipatcher for 12x media and burn one of these discs at 12x you get a little more speed and still excellent burn quality, burns better at 12x than any MCC 004 that i have tried.

Not really :). The main difference is that the smaller file is compressed with a .exe file packer.

Thanks, i was wondering what the difference was