Sony PSX all-in-one game console to hit Japan stores by year-end

I just posted the article Sony PSX all-in-one game console to hit Japan stores by year-end.

Today the Sony Corp. has announced that their new
Sony PSX console will begin selling in Japan by the year-end. The PSX will
feature a normal PlayStation 2 game player but besides that…

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Basically the same thing my modded XBOX is (with 120Gig HD), except for the added TV tuners and recorders… And I paid much much less than $719!!!

Let’s do the math (and very roughly so since there aren’t any details): 1 satellite tuner e200 1 160Gb HD e150 1 dvd burner e200 1 ps2 e179 that totals to e729, so at the very least it sounds like a reasonable price. And bear in mind that they’re all Sony parts, so all these items (except the HD) bought seperately will cost a bit more than this (since I didn’t bother to find Sony parts/prices in the above list ;))
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Spar, actually it would be more reasonable to calculate it as: 1. Settop DVD/HDD Recorder 2. Sattelite Tuner 3. PS2 4. PS2 BroadBand Unit If you total that up all together it would be like 1400 US Dollars.
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When mod chips will be available this could be a really versatile entertainment machine at a good price :g We have to wait and see the software, both official and homebrew, that will be available for this little monster. :stuck_out_tongue: