Sony PSP

I wonder how long we can expect to wait to see links for emulators/tools on the new SONY PSP format coming out.
Be nice to get a flick onto the stick…
or the mini disc…

Any thoughts?

don’t know, might be a while, you can already put copied films on them and play them from what i’ve heard.

Well as the CPU of that thing is totally incompatible with the X86 CPUs most of us use, I guess it will take some time. Building emulators isn’t that an easy job… the whole system (esp the instruction set of the GPU and CPU) has to be recreated by software. Without the blueprints, it’s a damn hard job.

Not on our current hardware for couple of reasons.
1: The power of the psp is greater than the ps2 for polygon count (something like that. As in the PSP has more hardware power whereas the ps2 uses software to render a lot of effects). We don’t even have ps2 emulators that run commercial games.
2: How do you think we are gonna manage reading the disc on the computer? Only bet is some sort of network link to the computer to dump images of the game.

So I guess making backups of games and movies is out of the question. :confused:

Only time will tell. Possibly there will be some sort of mod for it that allows you to dump images of the games over to your computer, then maybe allowing you to play the games of there? I have no clue, it would be cool if we could burn them though :slight_smile:

Backups of games would be very unlikely Sony doesnt even allow developers to burn UMD discs so if they want to test a build they must send it off to Sony who will send them back a UMD disc with the game build on it, so Sony does really not want the technology of how to make UMD’s discs to get out there in the wild so to speak.

Maybe it’s just a regular mini-dvd in the plastic case and Sony wants us to believe they have a new format. :o I wish. Anyways I wonder what would happen if someone took out the disk from the case and tried to make an image. I guess the CD/DVD drive wouldn’t even be able to read it, right?

Probably not. My PC locks up when I insert a Gamecube disc.

Well I don’t think emulation will be that impossible.
Looking at the hardware spec here the CPU is a MIPS R4000, and that already has been emulated (have a look at this for a bunch under Linux).
The 2 big problems are

  1. the GPU’s and
  2. the disc format.

So if someone mods a open source CPU emulator then they are half way there :slight_smile:

You can connect a PSP to your PC, so hacking some type of disc dumper and analyising this might help with the disc format (and provide a way to get the games/movies/BIOS in the first place!).

Just food for thought, but a GBA emulator was done prety fast, so maybe handheld’s are easier to emulate…