Sony PSP game requires online gaming voucher

Sony PSP game requires online gaming voucher.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) has been plagued by piracy since the beginning, and Sony has been unable to do much about it.

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Too be honest I think this is more about companies wanting to milk more money off of people as they don’t want people selling the games on and want you to buy new.

Yeah, it seems like a scheme to just make more money off of used games, whereas right now the game developers are completely cut out of the used gaming market profits.

How typical.

That’s right Sony, punish the honest customers. Sounds like a Ubisoft move.

I doubt this will make any noticeable difference in profit.

On the one had they get money they don’t deserve from second hand sales.

On the other, they will lose their biggest customers - the gamers who play so many games that they have to sell their old ones to afford new ones. If these people can’t get a decent price when they sell (a game that would normally be worth $20 second hand would now be worth zero) they’re not going to buy it new.

If it only affects online gaming I don’t really care the majority of video game buyers don’t play online, so the game is not “worthless”, I am sure online gaming costs Sony a fortune, they don’t charge for it (to the best of my knowledge), and rely on new game sales to keep it going and “pay the bills” so to speak, I don’t see any issue in making second hand gamers pay if they want to play online…
Actually I applaud the measure, it’s a hell of a lot better than where they wanted to take things (PSP Go, download only gaming), so now they have addressed both issues, keeping things in a way so that used games still have a trade in value, AND finding a way to keep online gaming free for those who want to use it. (although I think $20 is a bit steep, should of been $10, that would make it much more affordable for all)