Sony PSN online play is live again, store still down

Sony PSN online play is live again, store still down.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony relaunched its PlayStation Network over the weekend, slowly but surely restoring the online service throughout Europe and North America. Despite some technical hiccups caused by an overwhelming number of gamers attempting to log-in simultaneously, prompting Sony to "clear the queue" with a voluntary 30-minute shutdown, the PSN is now available - mostly. The PSN store is still unavailable, and the company has yet to specify a date on just when it will return.

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And 100 Million Morons jump off the same cliff,yet again.
Makes the Lemmings look smart.
Makes no difference that their personal info has been compromised, makes no difference that their Credit Card number is in dubious hands.
Note to self, have all prospective employees under the age of 30 submit to IQ and Drug Tests.

Kinda makes you wonder if sony has learned a lesson about lawsuits?
For every single Lawsuit you take out on someone, You get a million in return!