Sony PS3 a sinking ship?



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Despite the fact that the Sony PlayStation 3 remains one of the best Blu-ray players available, it seems Sony is getting verbal abuse from everyone these days. The most recent assault on Sony…

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I have a 360 elite a Wii and 2 PS3s. By far I enjoy my PS3s more than the other two platforms. The PS3s are our multimedia hubs in the home. We play everything from classic games to Resistance 2. We stream movies with TVersity to our PS3s and watch lots of bluray movies. The Wii is cute and I enjoy my 360 on occassion but the PS3 gets most of our attention because it is far more flexible and is the superior experience all the way around.


I own an Xbox 360 and Wii, and have spent enough time playing the PS3 at friends’ houses over the past few months. I enjoy using the PS3 as a Blu-ray player, but the game catalog simply isn’t as appealing to me.

I love the games I play on the Xbox 360, and the Wii also has some very enjoyable ones that are fun to play with my little brother and younger people. The PS3 lacks that, and IMO will cause Sony to suffer even more in the future.


It’s ridiculous to think that it’s a sinking ship, its still selling. Thats like saying that Royal Mail are a sinking ship thanks to email. If no-one was buying it, then yes, I’d be worried. It’s not a bad console, most of the people I have asked have said they would buy one if it weren’t for the price, which is, yes, stupidly high.

Im sticking with my ps3, after all this time, just because I love it. People call me a fanboy, I really don’t care, because I have an amazing, durable and innovative console next to my telly. Hell, i’ve been playing it all day. And in the long run, if people want online play, isn’t 360 going to cost them more? £50 a year for online, lets say the paid about £240 for it back in the day, its been 3 years, theyve paid an extra £150. thats just stupid.


Scaremongering a week before Christmas.
</br> I think Microsoft have had a little something to do with that original CNN article, and I don’t just mean by their sales numbers</p> As an owner of all three consoles, I can say quite easily the PS3 completely outclasses the Xbox360 in all regards, except their games selection, which is a huge shame
The PS3 is overpriced however, it should be around £200 in the UK. Definitely at the most £250 RRP.
A £300 RRP is just pricing itself out of the competition


The only thing that swayed me over to buy a PS3 is it’s Blu-Ray capability.

Put it this way I have over 80 Blu-ray movies and about 5 PS3 games that hardly get any usage.

On the other hand, I have a Wii as well, purchased at the same time I bought the PS3. I have over 20 games on the Wii and most of them are getting heavy usage.


Forgot to mention I stream video and music as well on the PS3 and they get far better usage than any of the PS3 games. Most of the PS3 games are crap anyways.


I have owned a ps3 for 2 years+ now and have never bought a game for it simply because the x360 version is always better. Better meaning, framerate graphics and resolution. I have rented and borrowed games from friends only to be dissapointed. My ps3 simply is a stand alone bluray player for my son.


I think the PS3 is the superior machine, but they priced themselves out of the market. The 360 doesn’t have wi-fi/blu-ray which really makes it a cheaper console (until you have to buy a wi-fi adapter). The ps3 also introduce cell architecture which no one had experience writing games for. So the 360 had a year head start, a cheaper price, a more familiar hardware setup, so alot of the best games were made for it, which really snowballed its popularity amongst gamers.


It’s not sinking it’s already sunk!



It’s not sinking it’s already sunk!



A lower price would be help much


Erm, one little thing.
The 360 has -not- overtook the PS3 in Japan.
In won on -1- month due to the simple fact that a new bundle far more interesting in price had been advertised a month ahead by Sony, and sales of the PS3 plumeted to 3k per week while the 360 was selling 10k a week due to price drop and JRPG exclu from Square.
Since then, The new 80Gb PS3 has sold a lot, and the release of PES 2009 has seen the PS3 selling 30-40K a week with the 360 falling to 8k a week and less (with a peak at 10k for the release of The Last Remnant).


The PS3 is not sinking. What is sinking is its price tag. The PS3 is too far ahead in the future and that is its problem. Most people are not ready for multimidia devices like the PS3 (multimedia player with integrated local networking so you can play any multimedia file living in your PC hard drive, video game machine, blue ray, Mac OS machine with PPC achitechture!, and much more). I can even install linux on that thing without knowing much about it.

But because it’s so futuristic it has a ridiculus price tag, developers have trouble making games for it and it takes years (way too complex to making a game that really takes advantage of the cell technology right now), and most people simply don’t have any idea how versatile the PS3 is so they go to the store shoping for a video game console. If I didn’t know all the things the PS3 can do, which don’t because a lot of them haven’t even been tried yet by software developers, I wouldn’t go buy one for the price it is at now. PS3 is like a $100K BMW. You don’t see the majority of people buying those?

I don’t even think PS3 should be compared with the Wii and not much with the Xbox either becuase the “video game machine” label doesn’t fit it at present. Maybe it is the wave of the future game consoles, or maybe it’s a dead experiement that Sony will never try again. That future I think is in the hands of game developers and the Sony corporation.


Yeah, that’s the ticket – it’s too advanced for us regular folks…too advanced. Mebbe in some distant future or alternate universe the PS3 will be appreciated for being the futureistic, technological marvel that it certainly is.

In the meantime, Sony is sinking in red ink…sinking, sinking, sinking…gee what a crying shame!:bigsmile:


The truth is that Blu-ray is a huge mistake and it has been killing Sony for years - their financial reports for more than the last 5yrs show the deep drain it has been.
Now they are admitting that they will never recover their initial investment (which has been several billion $…billions of $ before the coming recession spreads even more pain).
The fanboy element can say the PS3 is ‘incredible’, ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’ blah blah blah as much as they like but the sales numbers show the truth, it’s getting killed and that preaching to the choir BS is getting them nowhere.
Even the old ‘PS3’s the best Blu-ray player’ line is out-of-date as standalones now sell at much lower prices (even if the format is still very much struggling against DVD…note that the new Batman - a movie as aimed at the PS3 owner as can be still only had 20% of DVDs sales; that’s got to be disappointing to the BDA/Sony, who expected the Blu-ray ‘record’ sales to be matched by DVD’s far more massive record launch sales?).
Make no mistake, Sony are in real trouble.


Ok first you said there financial reports have been down the drain for 5 years. That is longer than Blu Ray and they have been having problems with replacing exploding batteries and losing the portable music department.

Also comparing sales apple to apple is retarded since they both have different install bases. Dvd has a 15 year lead in getting units into everyones house then Blu Ray. Sony sales only seems to be doing better and considering they have movies that sell 1 million units is a sign that it will be very hard to get rid of even if Sony goes under (remember kids Sony doesn’t own Blu Ray there are many others that are part of the Blu Ray group)


Of course the Wii and 360 will outsell the PS3. Money is tight for a lot of people and so they need to keeps costs as low as possible so they plump for the cheaper option. Those with the free cash who want the extra features will go for the PS3.

The PS3 is clearly a more advanced machine than the other 2 in terms of functionality. Maybe its games are weaker than the 360, I havent used a 360 so I have no idea.

I get SICK of these people who attack the PS3 because they don’t own one or who have no use for its other features.

I have always found that it is the users/owners of the lesser items that attack the hardest, trying to make up for their short fall. Its was true with the 8 bit home computers and its true today.

Give it a rest.


How does your first paragraph above argue against the proposition that the PS3 is a sinking ship?



I wasnt trying to argue against the proposition. Of course I dont believe that it is a sinking ship. It may not be as bouyant as others but I guess that is due to the higher price. People buy what they can afford. Parents looking for a games console for little Jonny for Christmas will no doubt opt for the cheaper unit. People who want a games console, Blu Ray player and general media center will opt to pay a bit more for the PS3. I guess there are more games players than multi media users. That was Sonys gamble, risky yes but it may still pay off.

I have no idea what CPU the 360 and Wii have in them and I guess Sony made a mistake in plumping for a radically different architecture which pushed the build cost up, forced developers to learn a new way to program and have a detrimental effect on the inital batch of games. The 360 is more of an upgrade than a revolution in hardware, the safe option. Sony decided to try and push it.

Give it time.