Sony profits drop 47%



I just posted the article Sony profits drop 47%.

Sony released their earnings report this week, reporting a drop in net profits compared to the previous fiscal quarter. Net profit was posted at 325.2 million, down 47.4% overall for the company.The…

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$ony needs to die
may they burn in hell


Yes! I love this piece of news. They will never learn that suing your customers, and using DRM crap to irritate them does not fetch money.


The PS3 would sell even more if they hand not removed PS2 games support from it. It’s the reason why I don’t buy the PS3 for instance even though it has Blu-ray. Removing PS2 support was a move to force people into buying PS3 game so it’s not an achievement of Sony to have greater sales, it means people have not other choice if they want to us the “PS3 brick”.

Quite a big loss though… and a lot of reasons why. The only one missing is indeed by Sony looking at themselves and see what they done wrong whcih caused certain things to perform less.

They could increase sales easily…


Doesn’t the new 80GB PS3 bring back support for PS2 games? I think they realised not providing PS2 support drew alot of criticism so they made ammends by reintroducing it in the 80GB model.


Rather have it have no backwards compatability and cost me less tbh. WTF do I need backwards compatability for if I already OWN a PS2. Just another money sink.

Also if the cost of adding such a feature is more expensive than just buying/manufacturing a PS2 & PS3 then it also doesnt make sense, at least from a strictly fiscal standpoint, sure it wastes more resources, but we really dont seem to worried about this as people do we…

I mean having the option to have a PS3 with backwards compatability is nice but expect to pay for that luxury, possibly a lot if doing so is not easy. It does after all require either using a very very scaled down version of the original systems graphics, processor, memory systems etc and/or emulation. These things cost MONEY to develope and implement.

Dont get me wrong I hate greedy money grubbing companys, but dont believe there the only fucking ones that do it. MS is just as bad. So its every other movie, software, music, electronics, W/E company. Thats what there in business to do, MAKE A SHIT LOAD OF MONEY THAT THEY DONT REALLY NEED NOR DESERVE.


It didn’t have to be this way. Sony is too Own-way.
Wouldn’t Sony have losses if they had to give away heaps of Cash to make everybody Studios embrace Blu-ray.
Wouldn’t Sony have huge losses if all the while they were losing loads of money on the PS3.
Wouldn’t Sony have huge losses if the focused so much on the format war to the detriment of other areas.
Would Sony have huge losses if they forced something on the market that clearly was NOT (still is not) in any way ready for the market or for mass adoption. Something like blu-ray perhaps.

Sony should have never engaged Toshiba in that STUPID format war. AND WE ALL WOULD HAVE BEEN SOOOO MUCH HAPERIER.

THE PS3 should have had the glorius perfectly working, cheaper, better, completely ready, HD-DVD in it. Huge profits for all and everybody TOTALLY happy.

And to all you retards cough BLU-ray lovers who never embraced HD-DVD because of space please remember that Toshiba did come up with a 51GB disc. But by being retards blu-ray lovers you could never have known that SPACE was NEVER the issue.

I’m sorry if I offend suckers blu-ray supporters.


Hi-Jack said, Removing PS2 support was a move to force people into buying PS3 games.

Shame on them for wanting to make money as we all do in life.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t like the DRM Crap either but would you keep your job if you were getting paid 5000.00 per month then sales were down after so long so you had to settle for 2000.00 per month? I know I would leave my job then. Point is we all do stuff for one thing and that is to make money without it we’d all be destitute. I for one think this…

  1. Sony will win the format wars.

  2. If Sony doesn’t then streaming will win and I hate for that to happen.



Sounds like you’re still upset over buying that HD-DVD player. We would all be happier without a format war??? Then we’ve been unhappy for a loooong time. Format wars is part of the industry. We should all sit around and use HD-DVD because it came out first? You’re right, let’s not innovate, let’s just use whatever scrap is out first. And no it’s not a matter of capacity, maybe Blu-ray just sounds better. Either way, when I go to Best Buy, there’s Blu-ray all over the place in there.



I think you missed the point of my post. I’m not upset that I invested in HD-DVD. yes format wars are often good - they drive down prices and improve quality and features.
This past format war hurt everybody especially Sony. Yes Sony won but I believe the price was too high for all of us and we would all have been better off if Sony had embraced hd-dvd.
I find it hard to see how HD-DVD lost because off capacity.

When you go to best buy there’s blu-ray all over the place but are you happy with what you see.

Sony is still losing money big-time. Good luck seeing blu-ray prices coming down. And unless they lower prices so the masses can afford players and movies they will not see $profits$.
That does pose a problem, doesn’t it?

Well it didnt have to be this way. That was my point.


I know I will still sit on the fence and see what happens as I refuse to invest in something that may die soon.


Sony deserves this. They have their hands in everything, yet do nothing well. Their Blu-ray is DRM’d to the extreme, their PS3 is overpriced with very few good games, their stereo equipment sucks, their batteries explode, their music contains root kits, their executives would lie to their own mothers, …

MUHAHAHA … I’ll let myself out…


Sony profit drop 47% but their Game and Picture division gain profits. Muahaha.

I’m glad I bought PS3 60GB last year. The last one in stock at Gamestop among the 40GB ones. :cool:


“$ony needs to die
may they burn in hell”

Sony haters are so cliche. Luddites.


@ deckard

A Luddite is a term usually used to describe anyone opposed to technological progress or technological change. I can assure you that we are not Luddites. I think I speak for the majority of the Sony-bashers when I say that we simply don’t agree with Sony’s business practices. Sure, we expect a little proprietary nonsense from corporations from time to time, but Sony takes it to the extreme. They like to buck the trend and shove their own ideas/inventions down out throats. I’m afraid that just won’t do. Sony needs to be taken down a rung or two. Some humility might just save Sony from itself.


Well, you can hate what Sony stands for all you want and it wont make the slightest bit of difference because, most people couldn’t care less, or even know who is behind Blu ray. They just want content they can watch.

Fact is. Sony marketed Blu ray much better than Toshiba marketed HD DVD. I think Blu ray will be around for a long time.


Blu-ray around? When did blu-ray get around? Sony is still trying cough hoping that blu-ray will go around.

DVD is around. HD-DVD was (still is) around.

Wait when Toshiba brings out the Super DVD player that converts DVD to 1080p HiDef.

Blu-ray will be A Round little disc that could but didn’t.


Anti Blu-Ray mob = “The Delusional Mob” ™


You live in a cave HerculesBeast? :smiley:

Blu-ray is around. At least in my area. I can see bluray everywhere in the stores. From bestbuy to walmart to BJs to Costco. From Hollywoodvideo and Blockbuster. In fact, I went to Hollywood last night (Tuesday night where new movies come out), and I can’t find the one I’m looking for, all out. I then go to Blockbuster to find Doomsday, Harold Kumar or Beowulf, and surprisingly, all out. I asked the manager how many copies they have, he said each title more than 20 copies of Blu-ray for the good title and less for the ones predicted not so. Damn. Not even a single BR movie left for me. :frowning:

Hollywood have less BR selection and not just the new titles are out but all the catalogs too, I can only see one left, ie Happy Feet on the shelves.


What percentage of people who own DVD own Blu-ray as well?
Point what of 1%?