Sony Prob's

I have made three attempts to back up Yours,mine and ours. Each time both a familar and new problem arises. The disc jumps to the second chapter when you try and play whats new is that there is no chapter one to rewind to. Sony must have perfected a way of making the actual first chapter on the original appear invisble to th ecopying software. This must be important for all future releases!

I backed up main movie only without problems.


Just for info. I was using version Are you using the all new version 3.

I have not tried that yet due to the 30 day trial restrictions, but am very excited by the listing given on the forum. Also mine was a region two disc what was yours?

After I gave up trying to do main movie only I tried whole disc backup with even less success!

This was one of four disc’s I tried to back up today, another one also being a sony disc, I had a three out four success!

I think this could be a real improvement in sony’s copy protection system!

Not when I backed up that movie, think it was pre, but mine was region 1. You can send fengtao the burn log and or crash log. I would try the beta 3.0 if I was you because if a newer version of it comes up you will get extra time. Also, fengtao plans a release of 3.0 gold to those who just purchased Gold, the same with Express. Also read fengtao’s posts on the Edge 9 thread.


I have sent off logs to fengtao. Hope that helps. first time i’ve done that, I will go to 3 as soon as I have a couple of 1gb memosticks for my psp to copy movies to that! I’ve been out of action for a month due to probs with my isp its amazing whats happened in between time.

Hi sneerfulbrute,

The zip file is empty, please re-send, thanks.

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