Sony president Kazuo Hirai apologizes for PSN data breach

Sony president Kazuo Hirai apologizes for PSN data breach.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony today hosted a press conference in Japan to discuss the ongoing PlayStation Network and Qriocity outages and security breach. Executive Deputy President of Sony Kazuo Hirai took center stage, flanked by Chief Information Officer Shinji Hasejima and Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Shiro Kambe.

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We live in a digital world with new possibilities for cyber crime. My surprise was that Sony was so naive to this and these security measures were not in place up front.

At this point, I don’t think there is anything Sony can do to win my trust as a consumer. PSN+ for 30 days?!!? No thanks.

I’ve been debating with people online about PSN’s security, yet these people are so “Sonyfied,” it’s rediculous. I’ve been saying that it’s possible that PSN wasn’t as secure as it should’ve been and that maybe, just maybe, Xbox live had better security measures set forth which is why they haven’t been hacked like the PSN has. Listen to this statement:

“Sony intends to take numerous steps to prevent such an attack in the future, such as: a complete data server move to a more secure center; advanced data encryption; additional firewalls; and new capabilities to better detect unusual activity.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the PS3 and I’ve enjoyed it’s online component for several games. However, why weren’t these security measures already in place? You’d think a company that has 80 million users, credit card information, and personal user information, would be more secure. I know that you can’t secure everything perfectly, but if you could’ve have more firewalls, better encryption, etc, already set in place, why wouldn’t you? Also, “Furthermore, a new position within the company will be created. The Chief Information Security Officer’s focus will be overseeing network security and customer information protection.” Why wasn’t this position already created or being considered? Someone should always be overseeing network security and customer information.

I’m not an Xbox Live fanboy, I feel that the better product should come out ahead. And thus far, Xbox Live seems to be better overall.

One word: Karma

If i am not mistaken, even in Japan, it takes big balls to admit failure and apologise. If the big bosses in the other societies did that, perhaps the world could be a less angry place.