Sony presents copy protection for video DVD

I just posted the article Sony presents copy protection for video DVD.

Now that DVD burners are getting more and more popular, many drives are used for copying DVD videos. In order to prevent illegal copying, Sony DADC developed a copy protection called…

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Bahh !!! Nice TRY Sony :S

I can understand Sony’s position of trying to reduce or impede a consumer’s ability to make backups of DVDs. I think however Sony is playing both sides of the fence if you will, they produced and distribute movies as well as manufacture the hardware and media that is used in making copies. I see this as an attempt by Sony to prevent piracy in the movie industry from becoming as rampant as that of the music industry. This new copy protection method by Sony is too late; the preverbal cat is out of the bag.

If it all their protection does is interfere with the re-encoding process (like how Darknoise technology prevents MP3 encoding), then it seems a little too late to be rolling it out now since dual-layer DVD-recorders will no longer require dual-layer video DVDs to be re-encoded before recording on to dual-layer media.

Perhaps Sony’s goal is to encourage those who already have single layer burners who would not upgrade quite yet to purchase their dual layer burner.

Nice point seanbyrne…kinda reminds you of the copy protection that was defeated by holding down the SHIFT key. I think Forest Gump said it best… “Stupid is as stupid does…” :+

Good point dhc014 :B Probably just an exercise in revenew generation!!!

I think [B]mad-marco[/B] is the only guy here to get it right. Sony says “Hey look movie studios, buy our special protection for 75 cents per disc and people can’t copy your movies. And nevermind that hacker behind the curtain holding all those DVD players the disc won’t play on.” Dumb vendors will eat it up and Sony will reap the profits.