Sony preps 50GB next-gen Blu-Ray video deck

I just posted the article Sony preps 50GB next-gen Blu-Ray video deck.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us Sony will ship second generation consumer oriented Blu-Ray video recorders by the end of the year. The new drives will support…

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MAN that’s gonna take a Loooooooooong time before that format is ‘regular Joe’ consumer friendly. :frowning: (i mean size and Of couse PRICE!
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Yep. When they say April I’m assuming that’s April next year before they finalise BD-ROM? The current unit looks hideous :slight_smile: It’s also a shame a HD is needed for PVR tasks in the model they plan to release, IMO.

No, they mean April this year. Can’t wait for high def dvd’s :B

50 gigs of optical storage. Finally, an optical storage (semi) suitable for backup solutions in the business world. Die magnetic media, die!!!

Warped, they mean April this year u reckon? Within 30-odd days, and they don’t know the basics yet. I find that odd. I assumed they would release drives later this year then update the firmware or something next year as the spec was finalised. Aside from that and the obvious format wars from other camps, bring it on, I say. High capacity optical storage is long overdue. But this’ll take a long time to come down in price, so I’m not holding my breath.

Cynicalbastard - It’s only the copy protection consideration that is holding things up. I hope they don’t bother having any.

Its freakin ugly !